Making new Gears of War 'refreshing' after departure of former Epic leads

Steve Watts:

Gears of War: Judgment is a "first" for the franchise in many ways. It is the first prequel, and the first game in the series to come from Epic subsidiary People Can Fly. It's also the first game to release after the high-profile departures of many key Epic employees--an opportunity to change things up for the franchise.

"It feels to me like [People Can Fly] brought fresh blood, fresh perspective, and progressive evolution," producer Alan Van Slyke told us. "They're familiar with the Gears franchise but they're fresh to Judgment."

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pompombrum1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

And by "refreshing" they mean making it more like cod which is the exact opposite of refreshing. I honestly don't see why they think it needs refreshing, the game itself is a breath of fresh air and there is nothing quite like it on the market, taking stuff out like DBNO is nothing more than a giant middle finger for long term Gears fans.

konnerbllb1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Pretty much. A giant middle finger to veteran fans of the series.

nukeitall1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Aren't you people clamoring for new game play mechanics?

Are you one of the same people that would as easily complain about CoD annual releases being too similar?

Damned if you do and damned if you don't!

StreetsofRage1596d ago

Just keep improving on Horde mode. Make it bigger and badder and harder. I want to be able to build more items.

SonyStyled1596d ago

im sure the game will turn out fine. i have confidence in people can fly. bulletstorm was pretty good

Riderz13371596d ago

Bulletstorm was pretty good but Gears of was series was amazing. :S

urwifeminder1596d ago

They also did a great job on the gears 1 pc port looking forward to it.