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Fuse - how Insomniac hopes to reinvent Horde Mode

OXM - Welcome to Insomniac Games 2.0 - co-operative gaming obsessives without equal. Speaking to OXM at a recent Fuse event, the company's steely-eyed boss Ted Price has discussed the multiplayer modes you'll be sampling between bouts of gung-ho story-driven tomfoolery. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

Horrid mode is more like it.

This looks like it will be their worst game. Just make it xbox only please I beg of u..
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shivvy24  +   573d ago
every one of their games ive ever played are fun , especially from their A Team and this is from their A team , dont hate on the game cause of the art direction and everyone thats played it says its fun
Nightfallen  +   573d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, sounds like you are taking the fact it's also on xbox360 very personally. I'm sure it'll be a GOOD game. They are experienced developers.

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