Think Nintendo's Gimmicky? Let's Talk

Joey Davidson:

One of the most frustrating arguments I encounter on the internet in forums, on YouTube and in comment sections of websites is that people hate Nintendo because they make gimmick products. The Wii U is a gimmick, according to lots of "hardcore gamers." I have a counter to that point. Before I get there, I'd like to talk a little bit about Sony and their newest handheld.

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dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

People call Nintendo gimmicky because they make the same old game content (mushroom world, Zelda world, etc) with new control schemes and a few new gameplay mechanics.

But the majority of people want new game content (new worlds, new maps, new stories, new characters) with old control schemes and familiar gameplay mechanics. See Call of Duty for reference.

FriedGoat1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Rear touchpad is handy for webbrowsing, use it all the time. Wait till tearaway comes out, we'll see.
But the whole reason for the "upgrade" is not the rear touchpad, its the power. The Wii U is marketed as a gimmick. They don't market the Vita for its rear touchpad.

Thatguy-3101987d ago

Nintendo shoves the gimmicks down your throat. That's the factor that makes the difference when you compare them to the other companies.

EddieNX 1987d ago

Nintendo does not shove anything down your throat. it's up to the consumer to buy the product.

Pushagree1987d ago

"One of the most frustrating arguments I encounter on the internet in forums, on YouTube and in comment sections of websites is that people hate Nintendo because they make gimmick products."

Yeah because people just like to say things like that for no reason. How about you blame Nintendo for making gimmicky products instead of showing your victim complex to the whole world.

Viper71987d ago

Rear touchpad isn't a gimmick, it's just an attempt to provide touch support without your fingers or pen blocking the view.

I seriously doubt many consider it as a"special feature for the sake of having a special feature." It's just a nice little feature among many others (that has possible been used badly by some).

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smashcrashbash1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Nintendo has been using gimmicky things from the get go. Trying to point out a few occurrences from others doesn't change that fact.The rear touch control? That is your biggest piece of evidence? I could make a much longer list of Nintendo's gimmicks from since the NES.A whole list of things Nintendo made they ran out of ideas what to do with them very quickly. The Wii mote was no different. Developers stopped using the Wii mote for anything useful very early in the game.Trying say 'you are gimmicky too' doesn't prove anything. Nintendo is the king of gimmicks a and they still are. It won't be long before they run out of ideas on how to use the pad too. No one is saying no one else has their gimmicks too but it's Nintendo that bases a whole console around one. The rear touch pad, the Kinect and Move are not the basis of the console. But Nintendo will build their whole console based on a gimmick. At least long ago they keep the gimmicks separately from the main console.But modern Nintendo would have probably build their whole console around the Zapper or ROB.Sony didn't make the Move the main focus of their system and neither did Microsoft with Kinect

KrisButtar1987d ago

well said, to me the SNES was king, why it just had a great controller and great games, then it went to the n64, boy i hated that controller so i moved onto saturn and ps1,and so on, point is nintendo has not come back to the great controller model and therefore i have skipped there systems,

i did get a wii though and didnt like motion control so back to the ps360

also been in stores trying the gamepad, dont like it either :(

MizTv1987d ago

In my eyes Nintendo hasn't had a good controller since the snes

EddieNX 1987d ago

The gamepad is awesome. It's the most expensive and glorious controller ever made. The pro controller is super comfy aswell and litteraly lasts for weeks on one charge.

The gamepad is way better than any controller before it IMHO. I can't even pick up a dual shock or a 360 controller now , they just feel empty...

pedrami911987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

But maybe you should wait a year or two til more devs actually try and make proper use of the rear touch pad.

I mean Tearaway looks to be using the rear touch pad feature pretty nicely.

And forced use of touch screens isn't a bad thing, if properly implemented.

Zodiac1987d ago

Handhelds have officially become based around gimmicks. I own a Vita and a 3DS, but i think Sony and Nintendo have both made very gimmicky handhelds this time around.

Vita: Two touch screens, Motion/tilt controls, AR functions, two cameras that are used in some games.

3DS: 3D effect, touch screen, AR functions, two cameras that are also used in games.

The next handhelds from Sony and Nintendo will be transformers for sure.

100 percent of home consoles being gimmicks(i forgot to add that this is not a negative term. Some people seems to think it is, but it can also be a very positive term)
has yet to be seen, but handhelds have officially become gimmicks all around.

majiebeast1987d ago

If its properly implemented it isnt bad when its shoehorned in for no reason or hinders gameplay i dont like it.

I didnt like Skywards sword's controls. When i get home from work i want to sit down on the couch controller in hand and play, not swing my arms around to kill enemies. Prof Layton on the other hand has amazing touch screen gameplay and it only makes the game better.

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