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Will the first-person shooter rule the next generation Xbox?

OXM - The announcement of the Halo Reclaimer trilogy at E3 2011 isn't just a testament to Microsoft's faith in the enduring sales-power of Halo - it's a testament to Microsoft's faith in the appeal of first-person gaming. (Next-Gen)

OneAboveAll  +   572d ago
I hope not. I hope FPS games don't rule any of the next platforms.

I'v been playing the Wii U and picked up Trine 2 yesterday and it's a blast. Very vibrant and beautiful game. I need to start trying more new games and stop with the modern desert shooter crap.

I'd love more platforming games on a 2D plane like Mario Bros U and Rayman Legends.
MikeMyers  +   572d ago
Well if people start buying games like Trine 2 in droves then the FPS genre will take a backseat. It's about demand and the FPS genre continues to do extremely well. I think it's the growth in online multiplayer that has helped it. I have more fun racing people online in Gran Turismo and Forza.
kalkano  +   572d ago
Wrong article. Removing post.

Opening my self up for abuse. ;)
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kalkano  +   572d ago
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AnotherProGamer  +   572d ago
hybrid genres will rule

people will want FPS/TPS/action/open world/etc
kma2k  +   572d ago
You just described fallout which happens to be one of my favorites :) all of the above
MilkMan  +   572d ago
chrispseuphoria  +   572d ago
I want to see Jrpgs being popular again.
TheDivine  +   572d ago
Idk i think every gen has its game that sets the tone and trend. On snes/genesis it was 2d platformers. On n64 it was 3d platformers. On psx it was jrpgs. On ps2 it was GTA/open world games. This gen its the fps. This is due to technology. On n64 3d platformers blew us away. On psx jrpgs did the same. On ps2 gta 3 was the first realistic massive open world game. Now that online is standard on consoles its only natural that mp gets the attention. Its like when arena shooters hit the PC back in the day. This was new for most console gamers and i will say mp has longevity and an addictiveness to them. That fun factor may keep them going strong next gen but i believe it may merge sp and mp more akin to Demons Souls. Maybe Gta6 will have you randomly meeting others and you might see your homeboy breeze past with 7 cop cars chasing him. You could randomly run into people carjacking and pulling robberies. Now THAT would be cool shit. Maybe Gears will have hoard stuff in the campaign or a massive battle where all the enemies are player controlled. It could be cool idk. Not a replacement for mp but i think with the added power we will get more dynamic mp at the very least. Maybe changing terrain and set pieces that Uncharted 3 tried to touch on.

I also think genres will merge. All games adding rpg elements, mp, rpgs adding fast fluid combat exc. Whatever the first big blockbuste is others will emulate. Hopefully its epic.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   572d ago
if 360s trends are to carry over... it's all it TRUELY has to rely on... it's biggest franchise IS as FPS after all and they advertise the biggest 3rd party franchise witch is a FPS as if it's a MS Exclusive...

Venox2008  +   571d ago
please no :)

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