Fox News Expert Links Connecticut Shooting To Violent Video Games

Kotaku - We have yet to hear all the details on today's horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 27 people this morning. News is still trickling in as we learn about what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.

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dedicatedtogamers1828d ago

Another horrible shooting, and another news outlet/politican/special-inter est group trying to pin it on videogames. What's new?

My heart goes out to those families affected. Shame on Fox and other outlets for being so stupid as to blame it on videogames instead of the person. Gee, could it be because we've been closing sanitariums/asylums across the country? Could it be because the cost of prescription psychiatric pills has skyrocketed? Could it be because - despite the millions we give them - public schools have woefully inadequate security measures? Nope, it can't be ANY of THOSE reasons. Must be them durn Quake III players.

Nitrowolf21828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Um they never actually said it was because of gaming, the guy was only saying how society is degrading our feelings towards violence, which is actually something I agree. He uses TV, Facebook, and Gaming as examples towards those who are more vulnerable to it (in other words, mentally unstable). He's more linking it to the available violence in our media, not just gaming.

Looking at all those comments on Kotaku (even this above) kind of shows that people are missing this guys point. I'm not saying that gaming is the reason for the shooting is either is he, like I said above, it's about how the media has made people think less about violence, hence why we are seeing this happen more often.

I don't like Fox news, but I can't help but feel that Kotaku is placing the blame more than they are. Would have been better with "Fox News Expert Links Connecticut Shooting To Violent Media" cause thats what he's doing. The guy did pretty much say that this guy had mental issues (him stating vulnerable to violent).

The guy isn't wrong, I mean look at all the cussing, threats, videos, on TV, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, ect.

Like I said, it's more Kotaku than Fox

Soldierone1828d ago

You can't blame Kotaku either (personally don't like either source). Look at the track record of Fox. They are the ones that constantly try to blame video games. So this one time they have a solid point, of course people are looking through it and going "well they always blame video games." They lost credibility on speaking about the issue.

Plus like my comment states below, its nice of him to blame every medium besides the one he works for.

thorstein1828d ago

(I didn't hit your disagree button.) But if you are right then all FBI reports on willful homicide, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, larceny over $50, motor vehicle theft, and arson would show an upward trend.

It is a fact that the FBI reports that all index crimes (those mentioned above) are actually on the decline. They have been declining for almost 35 years. So, while violence in our media may desensitize us, it certainly doesn't "make" us more violent. Canadians watch the same media we do in the states. They have more guns per person than we do in the states. Yet their gun homicide rate doesn't even compare. (And I don't want to hear the normal arguments.) Canada has a higher unemployment rate, many minorities, and large cities (Toronto has 5 Million) Toronto had 48 homicides. Detroit (population 900,000) had 344.

So, no it isn't guns. Serial killers don't often use guns. It isn't violent media.

It is the way we raise our boys. I don't know why other countries get it right and we don't. But I know our populace is ruled through fear.

Enemy1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

It's the exposure to what our new standards for entertainment have become. Video games are the last thing I'd blame as they're obviously created by sane individuals.

Note: I've never heard of a violent games developer going on a killing spree.

Based on what we watch on TV, read on Facebook, things we joke about- any outsider could very easily conclude that we're okay with murder and rape, pointing at our "entertainment" and education as evidence.

Nitrowolf21828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Looking at the comments below, most people just came in here simply because of the title.


Sorry if I made it seem like I was putting a whole blame on them, what I meant is that Kotaku is blowing the video game proportion up a lot more this time than Fox is. Yes, it's only a matter of time before we get a news outlet with Video game and shooting in the same headlines again, but ffs don't (Kotaku) take something out of context. It's all what they do anyway. FOX is a terrible news channel to, but still.


Was only merely posting the comment so people don't come in and jump on it like they are already doing.

Crime is much lower though I think (well you supplied the facts). Canada is a perfect example, but in truth Humans are just violent people through history. Before guns we had weapons such as knives, swords, anything melee related. Before that we used our fists. I wonder why Canada has such low rates, it's very surprising.

exact point what the FOX guy was making. He wasn't putting a blame on anything specifically, just as a whole.

Anyway, my prayers go out to all the families. No one should ever have to face something so horrifying.

DragonKnight1828d ago

@thorstein: I live in Toronto, and I don't think that we have more guns per person than the U.S. I could be wrong but I'd be interested in knowing where you got that information from.

@Nitrowolf: The answer to your question stems from cultural differences. Canada is a nation that is known for being relaxed and polite. We enjoy comedy and have (had anyway until it was copied) the largest Comedy Festival in the world every summer, and some of the world's most talented comedians are Canadian. We enjoy a lot of time spent together, and we have a lot of natural locations for things like fishing, camping, etc.. There are many things that both the U.S. and the Canadian peoples enjoy and share in common, but the difference is that we place emphasis on things like Comedy and socializing and raising our kids to be polite and respectful of everyone.

It also has a lot to do with our founding. Canada didn't have to fight for our independence, we simply asked for it and received it. We don't use most of our funds towards military efforts, but that doesn't mean our money isn't squandered. Lol.

I guess what it boils down to is what our country was built upon emphasizing being different than what the U.S. was built on emphasizing.

I hope my post didn't come off as arrogant or insulting in any way, I wasn't trying to make it that way and was genuinely trying to perhaps give a bit of insight as a Canadian myself.

Awesome_Gamer1828d ago

"Kotaku, Fox News"

Stopped reading there...

cpayne931828d ago

Yeah the guy in the video is saying that it is possible that these sort of things can trigger an event like this one in people who are disturbed. Main word there being disturbed.

I don't like Fox News either but we shouldn't put blame on them when they don't really deserve it, they've become a huge target for this kind of thing. It's mostly their own fault, but people go overboard.

And @Soldierone you can blame Kotaku, any rational person would understand that the man isn't saying anything that crazy, but apparently Kotaku can't see that. They have to grasp at nonsense to make news, as per usual.

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Ranma11828d ago

America as a society needs to sort its murder rate out.

In Switzerland they have higher gun ownership than americans (i think its 100% their, it is illegal i believe NOT to have a gun), but they are not given bullets.

Yet they dont have such Zeal to murder as American's do it seems.

I think the problem is glorification of war and guns in America

thebudgetgamer1828d ago

There's only eight million people in Switzerland compared to almost three hundred and fifty million in the U.S.A.

I agree that stuff like this is tragic but that's a really bad comparison.

thorstein1828d ago

@budget (Toronto has 5 Million people) Toronto had 48 homicides. Detroit (population 900,000) had 344.

@Ran You are not correct. The problem with us is that A) We are raising our boys incorrectly (elsewise women would be doing these crimes at the same rate) and B) We are a country ruled by FEAR.

Dasteru1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I wonder if these retards... err excuse me "Experts" realise that people have been killing people since long before TVs even existed, let alone video games.

This is simply another example of people looking for a scape goat, trying to find something other than people to blame for everything bad that happens.

Watch next they will end up finding an atari in the suspects parents friends brothers crawl space and will call it undeniable proof.

Mounce1828d ago

Fox News . . . 'EXPERT' LOL

Fox News implying they have Experts, XDDD

It's like bending and manipulating words to try to self-glorify their own incompetence and hide it behind magical-competence.

Fox News Genius of mind and power links Connecticut shooting to magical rainbow pixie dust, bath salts, masturbation and Violent Video Games - Also, he's employee of the month here so his word is credible.

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ninavoljic1828d ago

It's not the games, it's not even about the internet but it's all about how the gunner was built, his psychology and his parents who failed to see how he's becoming.

Lastly, I blame the gun laws on USA as well. Yes, a grocery that lets you buy shotgun and a pistol for deer hunting? C'mon.

iamnsuperman1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I have plugged this on another story but it is even more relevant here. The media really isn't helping and is almost glamorising it. Gun control is needed but a rethink about media coverage as well

modesign1828d ago

people that watch fox news should of traded places with the children killed.

KangarooSam1828d ago

How did I know I was gonna see this today.

Dlacy13g1828d ago

I think Kotaku is missing the point of the commentary. I didn't find the speaker to be singling out video games at all. In fact like @Nitrowolf2 above...I think he makes a very valid point about the lack of human sensitivity that is being created via many of our media forms these days.

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