Five Christmas Films That Would Make Great Games - Now, I know what you’re thinking – movie adaptations never make great games. After all, so much of what makes a great film doesn’t translate into the interactive medium of gaming, which is why developers tend to focus on the exciting elements and forget about all the story parts and humour. But what’s wrong with taking just a single elements and expanding it into an entire game? If done correctly, I think we could end up with some decent titles.

So having said that, I now present a list of five Christmas movies that could be adapted into awesome games. Forget about the stories; forget about the dialog; let’s just take that one exciting element and run with it:

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OneAboveAll2014d ago

Pretty sure Home Alone was a game on the SNES and it was terrible. None of these would be good to tell you the truth.

Cam9772013d ago

Exactly, if the author is so desperate, he should just recreate them in Littlebigplanet.

vork772013d ago

there is also a The Nightmare Before Christmas game for the ps2

pandehz2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Jingle all the way would be amazing.

Some sort of an adventure game with Uncharted like controls and pc worthy graphics.

And of course Turbo Man

admiralvic2013d ago

Quite sure Nightmare Before Xmas got at least 1 lack luster title...

Mutant-Spud2013d ago

Miracle on 34th St in the style of Mass Effect?
A Christmas Carol meets Dishonoured?