GDC 2008: Metal Slug 7 hands-on by IGN

Metal Slug 7 features all the awesome pixel art that the series is known for. Characters, enemies, vehicles, and explosions animate with eerie fluidity. No corner has been cut in bringing this sequel to life on the handheld. The framerate is running at about 30 with slight bouts of slowdown…and honestly, that's pretty much status quo for the Metal Slug series.

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InMyOpinion3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

If it's not rendered in high definition 2D they can go sleep under a rock...

*edit* Just noticed it's for the DS. Then it's ok :p

KeenanTheSavage3769d ago

Man, I'm so excited for this game. I hope they really pull out all of the stops for the graphics, and give the game Wi-Fi so that we can play with people all over the world.

ceedubya93769d ago

Too bad its only limited to the DS. Games like this seem like they should have download prices and not full retail. I've been playing the Metal Slug Anthology on PSP lately, and although its definitely great fun, if it didn't have 7 games then I would probably not waste my time playing it. I would love to play 7, but I can't see myself paying nearly 20-30 bucks for a sub 30 minute game. But I will definitely Gamefly!

liquid03769d ago

they should put it on the PSN