The Top 5 Most Ambitious Indie Studios of 2012 | Cassidee counts down the five most ambitious Indie Development Studios of 2012 by taking a look at what games they released and what their influence was.

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sdozzo1990d ago

Listen folks, Journey was an okay game. I know I'll get slaughtered but it was quick and just okay. I never cried or felt like it was a surreal experience. More like, oh it just ended. Damn that was $15 bucks.

I know I'm looking at 100 thumbs down.

PhoenixRising371990d ago

I back you up 100% bud. I gave you an agree! Also, prepare for the comments on how you should go back to CoD because you disliked a game that wasn't an FPS.

Blacklash931989d ago

I understand. I enjoyed Journey greatly, but I know it's not for everyone.

Kos-Mos1988d ago

I agree with you. The game was a huge disappointment after playing Flower, and believe me, original and amazing art in games is one of the most important factors for me.

PhoenixRising371990d ago

This bugs me so much, can somebody please explain why thatgamecompany's games are considered so great? You don't do anything in their games besides press move and collect things. Are they just supposed to be a serene experience or is there something i'm missing?

sdozzo1990d ago

We will both be killed for our comments. God speed.