Gametrailers - GDC 2008: Denis Dyack Interview - Too Human

Gametrailer brings to you the founder of Silicon Knights discusses his new project and talks about some of the beautiful details and will make this game very exciting!

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Mwaan3713d ago

Yeah, just as I thought. Why don't you take your comments to the fanboy zone?

mintaro3713d ago

the poential of this game is incredible, cant wait till they release the demo

Dlacy13g3713d ago

I am really getting pumped for this game. Sounds like its coming May/June kinda soon.

xhairs3713d ago

It's like Phantasy Star + Devil May Cry 4. Looks pretty cool I must admit.

forcefullpower3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Looks nice graphics wise.
He talk like it's going to be a great FPSMMO style game.

The min he said WoW. I immediatly thought it's going to be crap.
Any game try to imitate any aspects of that game turns into a pile of POO

Where is the origionality. Just an amalgamation for a few different games.

TABULA RASA Comes to mind here.