Top 10 Men Of Gaming That I’ve Had A Crush On

Cheat Code Central's Jenni Lada writes: "Men aren't the only ones that can be captivated by the allure of virtual stars. We girl gamers have had our share of crushes on pixels and polygons."

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Pushagree1986d ago

And of course all the characters listed were either drag queens or extreme metrosexuals. Why don't women like real men with muscles and stubble anymore?

AntsPai1986d ago

Someone didn't read the article before posting.

On topic, I'm disappointed there was no Jin or Hwoarang ;__;

caseh1986d ago

Akiyama is a mans man; hes a smoking, drinking, loan sharking, ass-kicking geezer complete with facial hair. :)

guitarded771986d ago

And us guys take crap for saying female video game characters are hot. At least we're not emotionally attached enough to have a crush :D

bwazy1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Don't ever go to Japan, I've seen some weird stuff in regards to what you just said O_o

yog-sothot1986d ago

well... gotta admit I had a crush on the female character of Final Fantasy 8 back in the day ;-)

1986d ago
josephayal1986d ago

NO Poison from Street Fighter X Tekken? Why?

OmniSlashPT1986d ago

If this was a list of a guy talking about his female crushes, it would be sexist lol

btw, this is some fucked up choice of characters