Black Ops 2 Prestige Master Might Not Be the Last Prestige Level

GameRanx - "While Black Ops 2 has been out for just a month now, it's not that unusual to see level 10 Prestige players running around in multiplayer. Of course, there's the chance these "Prestige Masters" used the theater hack to gain it quickly, but I don't doubt that there are those who earned theirs legitimately."

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LackTrue4K1923d ago

Those are the first prestiges you idiots -_-

Soldierone1923d ago

Most likely just stuff for DLC. I'm barely on prestige 3, but haven't been playing a lot so I guess its quite easy to get there. With Double XP weekends, I'm able to prestige an entire level by the time its over. Last time I went almost 2 prestiges.

Revolver_X_1923d ago

When the game stops massively lagging, I'll start caring