New Release Video Games: December 16th – 22nd, 2012 – A Surprisingly Busy Week

Even with the holidays fast approaching, there’s actually a surprising amount of games and DLC coming out next week.

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Relientk771769d ago

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for the PS Vita

awesome game

TrendyGamers1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Yeah, I played it on Xbox awhile back and can't wait to check it out on the Vita.

Soldierone1769d ago

I thought it was coming this week, but its all good haha

Was about to buy it for the PS3, let alone the Vita.

Relientk771769d ago

I believe it's already out for the PS3, on the 18th its for the PS Vita

BringingTheThunder1769d ago

gotta check out oddworld on Vita

pandehz1769d ago

Oh yeah bring on BF3 Aftermath

Hufandpuf1768d ago

Rush on Talah market is the most chaotic thing ever!