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Shack News: "The newest build of Sly 4 has completely changed my opinion of the game. This isn't just a good Sly game; it has the potential to be one of the best."

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Riderz13371986d ago

All I'm hearing is good news about this game and how Sanzaru is sticking to the old school feel of Sly games which I really do love and appreciate. I hope this sells well so that it shows Sony that people still do love Sly Cooper =). Good Job Sanzaru.

vork771985d ago

it will because they know what fans like

prototypeknuckles1985d ago

cant wait, now this is a game that is made for the fans by fans that actually know what made the originals so good this game deserves to sell well unlike another game out there.

VsAssassin1985d ago

Ack! I still haven't bought the HD collection in preparation for this game. Kids these days should be exposed to games like this so next gen would warrant us with more fun, non-shooter games like this!

Knushwood Butt1985d ago

I recently beat the HD collection.

Was my first time playing any of them, and have to say, I had a blast.

Dimitri is awesome!

vork771985d ago

this game is stealing my cash and leaving the game in its place

carson_le_great1985d ago

its great they're staying with the old formulas and not changing it to much. they've learned well from uncharted and COD. but of course COD is evil since they do it every year

VsAssassin1984d ago

Uncharted? What's Uncharted got to do with this, if I may ask?

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