10 Games That Excite Me About 2013

James writes, "Who wouldn’t be excited about teaming up with a friend to take out hoards of aliens who want nothing more than to see you dead?"

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miyamoto1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Can't wait for all the nifty tech advances Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sony Santa Monica do this time with the PS3 and their latest games.

Like how Treasure Video Games maxed out the Mega Drive with Gunstar Heroes lets see how good they max out the PS3.

Revenge of the Nerd!

stone_cold1925d ago

who tell you this games the latest from Sony ?
there is a lot to come from Sony

KangarooSam1925d ago

Star Wars 1313 is way too intriguing, I'm kinda excited for a Star Wars game and it feels great. It's been so long.

LtFaku1925d ago

2012 was a lame year in comparison with that!

DonMingos1925d ago

2013 will be a mark in gaming history... Those 10 games, plus The Watch Dogs, MGS: Ground Zeroes, Aliens Colonial Marines (it will do for Aliens what L4D did for Zombies), Amnesia a Machine for Pigs, Rome 2: Total War, Sim City, Metro Last Light,Gears Judgement and even maybe The Last Guardian, Zwei, Rainbow Six Patriots and new consoles... Oh my... Memorable and epic gaming year

1925d ago
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