5 Most Disappointing Games of 2012

2012 is coming to end, and no one will disagree if i say it hasn't been a great year for gaming industry in general. Lots of excellent games came out in 2012, but the ones listed below did not fall in this category. These games raised our excitement and expectations feeling to the highest level (because of all the stunning pre-release demo, marketing campaigns and more), but things didn't turned up as expected by all of us, as the final product were flawed or just mediocre. Here's a look at Most Disappointing Games of 2012.

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j-blaze1952d ago

i would list bunch of vita games there almost 85% of the games sucked

Ezz20131952d ago

guy's like you should get banned from this site
the likes of you are the reason why this site going downhill

shammgod1952d ago

He obviously never owned or played a vita before. Just ignore his douchebaggery.

caseh1952d ago


Was this site ever on top of a hill to begin with for it to go downhill? :)

Catoplepas1952d ago


I could of swore the top rated game this year was a Vita exclusive....

lex-10201952d ago

I stopped reading when he/she said Call of Duty provides an excellent campaign and the best multiplayer experience.

guitarded771952d ago

Medal of Honor Warfighter was the biggest disappointment IMO. Just horrible broken online, and character animations in the campaign looked like people doing the robot. The only thing good about the game was the lighting effects. Shame on Danger Close, they'll be getting a lump of coal for Christmas.

AlucardFury1952d ago

Personally I think this list is spot-on.

supraking9511952d ago

ME3 on the list just because of an ending? What about the great storytelling and characters it presented? The conclusion of the Genophage, Geth vs Quarians etc? If the ending was to blame then wheres AC3, Farcry3, Dishonored, Halo 4 on the list?

rpd1231952d ago

Agreed. A shady ending doesn't change the fact that the game was beautiful, had great gameplay, an epic story, and awesome characters. I find it hard to believe that 10 minutes invalidates a 30+ hour experience.

SageHonor1952d ago

There were actually alot of mass effect fans who criticized other aspects of the game as well. The ending just overshadowed everything else.

aliengmr1952d ago

Ohh the sub-plots in ME3 were extremely well done. Its the main plot that is a complete mess.

From a creative writing standpoint it was terrible, but there was no excuse for that final cinematic. It was lazy and didn't even make any sense. That it was placed at the end of the trilogy made even less sense than the ending it self.

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