GDC 2008: Mass Effect PC First Look by IGN

The game looks largely the same as it did before, though its visuals are noticeably sharper. BioWare hasn't decided on a maximum resolution yet, though 1920 x 1200 is likely, but even so the glowing red stars hanging in the sky on alien worlds, dust blowing across plains, and reflections of interstellar light on the Mako were rather striking. More impressive were the loading times, which appeared to be between one and five seconds. As far as texture pop-in goes, an issue that frequently occurred on the Xbox 360 version, it occurred far less frequently from what IGN saw, and when it did all the textures loaded in rather quickly. Also addressed were the lengthy elevator rides in the Citadel, which will now apparently be a bit shorter in duration.

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beast3655d ago

Mass effect
Gear of War
Lost Planet
Alan Wake
ALL on PC and Better. ie extra levels or better graphics.
Thats why i am waiting on xbox and spend the that money on my PC.

Fishy Fingers3655d ago

PC version will always be better than their console counter parts. But obviously they come at a much higher hardware cost.

green3655d ago

PC games always look better.But i cant carry my PC around with me when i travel,Which lately has been alot.

SO i think i will stick to my console.

solar3655d ago

the three games i wanted a 360 for.....GeoW, Bioshock, and this are on PC now. its getting harder and harder to justify a purchase of a 360 when the games i want to play for the system keeps hitting PC. ill be picking this one up when it hits the shelves.

athlon7703655d ago

I borrowed if from a co-worker and like the game, hate the stuttering, pop-ins, long loading screens...

Everytime you step into a elevator, expect anything from a 12sec ride while it loads the data when you are off the Citadel, when you are on the Citadel, expect those rides to take from 20 to 24 seconds! Take a transport...wait 16 seconds, move from planet to planet, wait 14 seconds.

The pop-ins are really not as bad as some people make them out to be, and I only saw them right after a screen load which does not distract from the game play, but while playing, I have noticed a stutter then screen pop to come hand in hand.

Sounds like on the PC these will be fixed. There is a lot to this game which would justify its purchase on either system, but if you have waited this long, I would suggest waiting just a bit more till it is released on the PC.

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FirstknighT3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

PC is not always better. Atleast not on my PC and the majority of PC owners. If you have a 1000+ gaming PC rig than good for you but I rather be playing in the comfort of my living room on my big screen.

ps360s3655d ago

yea lucky for me I do have a 32" HD TV in my room and a nice leather seat :D

ps360s3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I be getting this for the PC as I was holding out on getting it for my 360...I knew it will appear on the PC so I waited patiently :D can't wait

btw before anyone disagrees is the reason for me holding out and waited for it to coem to the PC its because when it comes to games like this (either PS3 or 360)I prefer it on my PC

aggh im on fire3655d ago

I got this for my 360 as i can't justify spending a big wedge to upgrade my pc, same goes for assasins creed..pc specs are massive while my console runs it fine.
But its a great game and well worth picking up if you haven't a 360.

Ps3ShellShock3655d ago

how many exculives did the 360 have in 2007?

i mean halo3, bioshock are on the PC now masseffect?? what else was left? PR4 is one any others?

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