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Why Steam Box should Worry Microsoft & Sony

Valve recently announced their plans to launch a console in 2013 that will directly compete against Sony & Microsoft in the Next-Gen console war. One would think that a new player in the console arena would start off at a big disadvantage, and that probably would be true for most companies. But if any company has the capacity to deal some big punches, its Valve. (Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Sony, Steam, Valve)

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mochachino  +   889d ago
I for one would love something partially upgradable (ram, GPU) but still compatible with older hardware, sort of like iPhone.

I know the advantage of consoles is optimizing for specific hardware and knowing a game will work immediately after you put it in but if Valve can work out a deal with a GPU maker that allows for a specific "SteamBox" GPU so devs would still know exactly what hardware they're working with.

Maybe have 3 versions of the SteamBox like one capable of medium settings, high settings, ultra settings, etc. The hardware would be the same for each specific version so devs know exactly what they're working with. And gamers can upgrade their "Basic Steam Box" to Ultra anytime they want by buying a better Steam GPU/RAM pack.

Take the best of both consoles and PC - optimization, confidence that your game with work the second you put it in and upgradability.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   889d ago
SteamBox would cut deeply into Microsoft's territory. That's pretty much what the (DirecX)box brand is: a cheap introduction to PC gaming. Sony has its own problems but SteamBox is not one of them.

For PC gamers, SteamBox doesn't really mean anything except for (perhaps) better-optimized multiplatform games in the future. But for console gamers, Steambox would be a great introduction to the wide, wide world of PC gaming.
camel_toad  +   889d ago
What reeeeally has me more curious about the steam box even more so than the graphical capabilities and upgrade possibilities is all of the research Valve has put into new gameplay tech.

Specifically biometrics and their holodeck-sounding tech.
Npugz7  +   889d ago
Microsoft and Sony have nothing to worry about! There fanbase is huge and so many of them have never heard of Valve. Valve is the one that needs to worry about trying to get people to convert to there console.
dedicatedtogamers  +   889d ago
Yes, most PS3 and 360 owners haven't heard of Half Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Portal.

BabyTownFrolics  +   889d ago
shimmy shimmy ya
Dlacy13g  +   889d ago
What I do agree with in this guys assessment is...competition is good for the industry!
aquamala  +   889d ago
why would any gamer not want competition?
sdozzo  +   889d ago
Competition equals competitive pricing. Hopefully. Along with more content etc.
RuleofOne343  +   889d ago
Of these 1,800 games are not some of them published owned by Sony, MS & publishing partners that could have their games pulled off steam due to maybe some board room conference or fine print in most contracts.( just saying their always the Screw u factor the big 3 can always pull).
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lol what MS game does pc gamers care so much about? Planetside 2 is good though.

Remember portal 2? I think valve would be a good sport and allow a ps4 to steam box to desktop multi-player. That would be the first tri-cross multi-player event! I know they like to do game changing things so who knows.

Also devs would love to have one big community.

Also seeing that you can sign into steam with your psn account means they won't just erase your account and games that you bought on steam.
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Soldierone  +   889d ago
Thats what I'm interested in. Personally think they should have just worked with Sony and put Steam on the PS4 in some regard. Similar to it on Portal 2.

This whole creating their own console seems to be throwing that idea out the door, and it sucks. Cross platform play between PS3/4 and PC sounds awesome.

Sony is obviously interested in it being they gave Valve the go ahead, while MS didn't. (even though Newell had stupid remarks about PS3) And you see them pushing it with the Vita.
CalvinKlein  +   889d ago
what sony games do PC gamers care about? NONE Actually, what ps3 exclusives do ps3 owners who are not sony fanboys care about? NONE!

Also, microsoft did cross platform gaming long before sony ever did, sorry.

Above, sony would never allow valve to sell games that they didnt make on PS3 like they do with steam. That would mean that they would take money from sony and actually have good prices. Sony and MS DONT want steam prices on their consoles, that is apparent.
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Ezz2013  +   888d ago
what a lame wrong lame wrong comment
Soldierone  +   889d ago
THEY need to be afraid of Microsoft more than anything. I don't think Sony cares all too much.

Microsoft on the other hand is the king of "timed exclusive" crap, and now those deals will most likely hurt the PC market too. Then MS is going to try and compete with Steam on the PC even more. Xbox was put there because Sony and Nintendo were threatening the PC gaming market, why would MS not counter attack something thats direct competition to that?

As fans this sucks. Now we have a 3rd (4th) console that is going to attempt exclusive stuff... ugh!

I went from PC gaming to console gaming because of the upgrades and constant updates. When on console, you are set for years. On PC you are not. The PS3 was bad with updates, but they slowly fixed that now too. I Hate opening steam because it almost always needs a damn update.

Its also why I cant take phone gaming seriously. They have these amazing devices, yet can't put crappy little games on a phone older than 6 months because something new came out? ugh again
LAWSON72  +   889d ago
I am more worried for us pc gamers
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kma2k  +   889d ago
If sony & microsoft are really stupid enough to block out used games like rumors suggest & valve wanted a way into the console market it would be very very easy for them to get a lot of people to buy a steam box if they did not!
esemce  +   889d ago
Do you realize that there will be no used games on the steambox/steam ?
BitbyDeath  +   889d ago
I for one welcome our new Valve overlords.
Seriously though I hope they add a more positive competition unlike MS who like to nickle and dime we need more competition who looks out for the consumer rather than themselves.

We already know Valve are quite generous when it comes to their steam sales so hopefully this continues to translate with their new console.
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T-What  +   889d ago
I think it comes down to price and games, I have had steam before but 90% of the games are shooters not something I'm very interested in but if its cheap and easy i think it will sell very well.
darx  +   889d ago
Say What! 90%?
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8bitHero  +   889d ago
looks like we'll have 4 consoles next generation (because honestly this steam box thing sounds a lot more like a console instead of a normal pc). thats pretty neat, although i wonder if theres enough space for another console, hopefully no one gets squeezed out*looks at sony* cmon guys, your the only one who truly focuses on games, you just gotta stay!
InTheLab  +   889d ago
Big picture mode makes the Steam box pointless...
Sp1d3ynut  +   888d ago
The fact that I've had my PC hooked up to a 50+" HDTV for over 8 years makes Big Picture mode pointless...
InTheLab  +   888d ago
Not entirely. It's nice to use while not playing a mouse and keyboard game like Dishonored or Batman or something. It even makes GFWL slightly less inconvenient.
Sp1d3ynut  +   888d ago
I think you misread my entire comment. I have a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, and a Windows Xbox 360 wireless controller, and my PC connected...via HDMI...to my HDTV. How/why exactly is "Big Picture" needed again? Unless of course you're half blind, and can't read the original Steam interface, even on a 50+" screen. But I'm 42 y.o., and still have 20-20 vision, and can see everything fine 8 feet from the TV.
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Stevo2k  +   888d ago
Gabe really hates MS at the mo....competition is good :)

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