EU Playstation Store Updated

The Playstation store has now been updated, though there isnt anything particularly exciting this week, well unless you count Snakeball which is quite fun I suppose.

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paul_war3712d ago

sigh, it will do. And Snakeball has been available for a while, you just had to buy it through the demo.

Sony sent me an e-mail advertising up to 40% off PS store as well, yet to see any reductions though.

Hapimeses3712d ago

I received the same mail and, equally, can see no discounts.


ravinash3712d ago

It said 40% in the title but no indication of where, when or how to get it in the Body of the Email.

Fishy Fingers3712d ago

Guess GDC has been their priority this week, a pretty weak update.

scoobysnacks3712d ago

As the U.S. got "Dream On" - Aerosmith for Guitar Hero as a free download over the last weekend, was hoping the EU store would receive the same in this thursday's update. I Have tried downloading from the states, but its incompatible with the UK version. Looks like we get another uninspiring update.

Vip3r3712d ago

It's good to see the EU store getting updated earlier now. It used to be late at night a while ago.

Jdoki3712d ago

I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by the delays in getting decent stuff on the EU PS Store.

Everyday shooter took, what? 3 months to hit the EU after the US?

Pain is still MIA.

It's a definite area Sony could learn from Microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.