Everyone Hates The Call of Duty Series

Who would have thought that a series that has grossed over one billion dollars could be hated so much? Don’t get me wrong, there are clearly a lot of fans out there that have insightful things to say about the game, but it would seem Call of Duty has become the Nickelback of video games.

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carson_le_great1983d ago

COD haters, the worst fan boys in video games

Griffin48711983d ago

lol Joke's on you. It's because of fanboys that CoD is overrated.

Welshy1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Totally agree.

If it wasn't for multiple millions of COD fanboys brainlessly purchasing COD year after year, then there wouldn't be a need for "COD haters", who strictly don't even hate, we just point out the glaringly obvious flaws and issues.

Yes, COD4 defined this generation as far as shooters go, but COD being a huge influence isn't always good and, in my opinion, actually nerfs creativity.

There's a massive cycle of destruction for the industry regarding COD that will never end til COD does. Because COD sells (overly) well, other devs pull their own franchises out from their roots and make it more like COD, thinking the COD crowd will buy it. But in the end the COD crowd don't want it because "it's just another COD clone", and the fans of everything not COD get pissed off and don't buy the game either, as they bought it originally for being different and that is no longer the case, as it has just bent itself into the thing they didn't want.

The only people who benefit from CODs existence are the COD loyal fans and Activision, everyone else is just left with a big grey genre with no creativity or flare.

Just look at the sales of "original" games in comparison to COD. Millions of miles apart so everyone has to suffer.

Edit: reading this back, COD appears a bazillion times and looks really silly, but i couldn't find away around talking about it without constantly having to type it xD

carson_le_great1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

i agree its overrated and over hyped but why do you guys care, why are people writing articles about this and wasting there time. maybe instead of telling people how much COD sucks even though its sells more than any other game you can make articles about how great blah blah blah is

TruthbeTold1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Why do people care? Because all of the marketing resources and media attention which are going to a game whose developers don't put in anywhere near enough resources and effort into the game itself as compared to what they make.

Because the average, vocal CoD gamer is younger than the game's rating allows for, and they tend to be an annoying scourge to others online, which is the series bread and butter.

Because the more popular CoD gets, the more other games and genres feel it necessary to take on shooter elements since millions of CoD kids don't see anything non-shooter as a worthwhile game.

All of that being said, it's not the games so much as it is the large number of annoying, immature fanboys of the series, who believe that only CoD and FPS' are 'teh hardcorz', and are annoyingly vocal about their shallow opinion when so often, they shouldn't even be playing the game in the first place. Their parents use it as a babysitting tool, and playing a 'mature' game makes them feel more adult...

IAMERROR1983d ago

I refuse to read the story because of the horrible picture.

TheBatman_Fanatic1982d ago

What's to hate on? It's the same game every year. Activision and Treyarch can fool you fanboys every year. COD fanboys are the worst.

thebudgetgamer1983d ago

I am actually having a lot of fun with the single player portion of blops 2.

guitarded771983d ago

Don't say that too loud... then you'll be a "brainless 12 year old". Gods forbid you enjoy a CoD game.

HmongAmerican1983d ago

that's because more then half of COD players are suck at the game. No wonder they hates the game.

Temporary1982d ago

YEAH! You're so 1337z0rz!!! we dont hate it cause CoD is a copy/paste rehash every year using the same engine slightly modified. We dont hate it cause it stunts the growth of the industry by making other developers pump out 1st person shooters that look and feel exactly like CoD. We dont hate it because the owners of the CoD franchise are greedy bastards that knowingly put out a faulty uninspired product because the dumbed down zombie gamers will buy it in droves regardless of how little effort they put into the game.

We hate it cause you are 1337, and we are not...


belac091983d ago

i like black ops 2, im more of a jrpg guy, buy i am having fun with bo 2. and i dont think everyone hates COD games, they hate all the idiot hardcore fanboys.

Thefreeman0121983d ago

I hate CoD, bland rinse and repeat game for the military/gun enthusiast does nothing compelling for story telling, gameplay, graphics, or any sort of technical achievement other than being really well marketed and a easy to play for lots of people to scream profanity at each other. Many love to hate the game bc half of the users are simpletons

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