“Playing 1st Tomb Raider allowed us to understand franchise & take the step we’re taking now”

We spoke recently to Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes about Tomb Raider. Here he talks about how playing the first game helped the team shape the latest and why there aren’t any dinosaurs this time.

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DA_SHREDDER1986d ago

makes me wonder how many dev studios made a sequel without ever play the game before?

rdgneoz31985d ago

Makes me wonder if they noticed any of the under water sections or that the game didn't have regenerating HP.

rocky0475861985d ago

Maybe because this game doesn't have any underwater sections? It's not that she CAN'T swim, literally. There's just no reason for her to get into water to swim as they didn't want to bog us down with missions where she has to swim to complete an objective. As for the health thing; that's what they felt would make more sense when they were making the game. Perhaps there are still some aesthetical procedures that take place to make it look like she's healing herself still? You don't know yet.

SAE1985d ago

they also dont have a reason to add regenerating health ..

but still gonna buy it , i like the upgrade but i also hate removing good stuff that made tomb raider great...

krouse931985d ago

This seems kind of obvious, who know's why they didn't do this any earlier Lol.

Cam9771985d ago

Hhhhm, interesting news. I recently bought the said game for the 3rd time on my Ps Vita; however, it was just before it got put on sale so I lost some money that I potentially could've kept.

NoTheMama1985d ago

So we decided to make a game the polar opposite of Tomb Raider. Huzzah!!

Dannehkins1985d ago

In my eyes, Crystal Dynamics have never really managed to capture what Core Design had with the original Tomb Raiders. I think they overlook some of the main elements that made the original Tomb Raider so amazing and enjoyable to play.

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