Tomb Raider 'The final Hours' points to a "super secret" announcement

The latest episode of Tomb Raider - The Final Hours points to a "super secret" announcement for the game, according to host Zachary Levi.

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majiebeast1988d ago

I bet the secret announcement is, Lara gets Water wings so she can swim in the game.

Jinkies1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

or is could be that they've scrapped regenerating health.

Godmars2901988d ago

Wait, its another survivalist game where you can't swim? In this day and age?

And I'm guessing the "secret announcement" will either be a cliffhanger ending or something towards DLC.

Gothdom1988d ago

probably the ending is DLC

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31988d ago

The secret announcement will be that this will be the game that eliminates everyone's worthless opinion...fingers crossed :P

Godmars2901988d ago

You know that positive opinions are implied in "everyone's" right? You might only be talking about "Da Haters" but everyone's opinion is latterly *everyone's* opinion.

As for mine I could not care less for the title at this point. Really sick of the gritty, harsh and post-apocalyptic theme that's overrun this gen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31988d ago

I dislike a comment section with nothing but positive things to say just as much as "Da Haters" comments. I would prefer seeing more questions in the comment sections rather than emphatic comments about games especially games no one has played yet<----the hype kills games for me...

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Neonridr1988d ago

Maybe the super secret announcement is that the game is also coming to the Wii U.

SoundGamer1988d ago

It's a little bit of old news, since he said this in the last Final Hours released at the end of last month.

That said, he said it will "change the way you play" Tomb Raider forever.

Not sure what that means... We'll see.

NBT911988d ago

Change the way you play sounds an awful lot like a wii u announcement to me, as someone above already suggested...

barb_wire1988d ago

She'll wake up in bed, the whole thing you just played was a dream.

Kurisu1988d ago

Lara is in fact...

...a man.


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