Top 10 Confirmed and unconfirmed Gears of War 2 details

The worst kept secret in gaming has finally been revealed - Gears of War 2 has been officially announced by Epic Games and is inbound this November. Speaking at a packed Game Developers Conference in California, Epic's Cliffy B said: "Gears 2 is going to be bigger, better, and far more bad ass than the first game in every way." have run through the game's first teaser trailer with a fine tooth comb, sifted through Microsoft's press releases and dug deep into the Unreal Engine 3 game engine tech footage to bring you's Top 10: Confirmed and unconfirmed Gears of War 2 details.

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v1c1ous3657d ago


that's basically just restating what everyone who saw the show already knew.

TheExecutive3657d ago

This article shows that we dont know much about the sequel :).

I hope they have much more expansive environments, more enemies, and more co-op features. Hopefully they have dedicated servers! PLEASE!

phony force slayer3656d ago

i want to shove a chainsaw in a gut and take his spain in half, that would be brill. the more gore the better. for gears any way
(p.s i am not a greebow/emo in any way lol)

clevernickname3656d ago

There was absolutely no need to spread ten bullet points over three pages. Ridiculous.