The biggest disappointments we saw in gaming in 2012

The game industry keeps changing, and the games we play along with it. Each year turns out to be more tumultuous than the one before, with no end in sight. Some gamemakers are able to navigate these waters better than others. But even if they are generally able to make the transition from old models to new ones, there are still going to be bumps in the road -- many of which affect players.

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Septic2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I agree with almost all of this.

My particular depression-inducing moments:

1) Kinect Star Wars: Whoever thought it was a good idea to shout "lightsabre on!" really needs to get their head checked. Heck, how they managed to ruin this game so badly when it had so much potential is beyond me.

2) Mass Effect 3's ending: Severely disappointing and such a shame considering how great the trilogy was as a whole.

3) PS VITA & COD: I really wanted COD to be good on the VITA. It had the potential to be great- everything was there- the VITA's power, cross-game chat and mobile gaming bliss. This would really have pushed VITA into the hands of the masses and is such a missed opportunity.

Nonetheless, 2012 was a decent year for gaming. Lots of great titles but it does feel like we're coasting now, the gaming equivalent of a lame duck period if you will. Oddly enough, some of the most amazing games look like they'll be coming out just before the advent of the next-gen consoles; GTA V, The Last of US etc.

KangarooSam2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

That's usually when most good games come out. Developers have a handle on the hardware and know what they can achieve with it. They know what was successful this gen and the tweaks needed for consumers to get even more out of the experience, etc. It's the perfect time to be a gamer.

Honestly, it's the perfect time to pick up a new console. I've had a 360 and finally got my hands on a PS3 and people keep telling me "I missed the boat". Well, I got the exclusives I wanted at the time and all multiplatform games with my 360. Now I have a giant backlog of cheap, unique IPs with my PS3, the OS is stable, they've worked out most (if not all) kinks with everything to do with it, and now I have all of these awesome upcoming games to look forward to that we KNOW will have to be good.

Why NOT pick up a console at the end of a generation? :)

violents2015d ago

You have been missing out, but your getting in a good time. I only use a ps3 because my girl is in school online and i dont wanna fight to use the computer and i dont really want to play any of the xbox exclusives enough to want to buy one. But either way get ps plus and you'll fall in love with that stupid black box that gets my girl mad at me all the time.

darthv722015d ago

its always funny when i see others say that. to be honest, the "boat" as its referred to is usually the first time these games are released.

But picking them up months later or even longer does not negate the quality of the game. its still the same game that it was when it first released. Only now is someone new experiencing it for the first time. to them....that is their boat.

Anyone who has ever bought in to a console in the middle or near the end are just as likely to get a great gaming experience as those who were there from the beginning.

In fact, i would suggest anyone who has not yet gotten a 360 to get one and start with the game Kameo. Its fun and a good starting point to see how the games get better from there on that platform.

Anyone who is just now getting a PS3, make your first game heavenly sword or the first motorstorm. Both great first gen titles that are worth playing.

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StreetsofRage2015d ago

Excuse me? How can you not like a combination of Star Wars and Dance Central? I see AAA goodness right there!!!!!


memots2015d ago

For the people disagreeing, The above statement by StreetsofRage was Sarcasm at its finest.

ElectricKaibutsu2014d ago

Video games are serious business. Every post on N4G should be taken just as seriously.


chukamachine2015d ago

Kinect isn't good enough, I'm sure the next version will be.

VITA is a great machine, let down by rushed software. Sony needs to stamp out crap software. better quality control. Also needs Monster hunter in japan.

rezzah2015d ago

As far as i know the only rushed game was CoD. Made in 5-6 months apparently.

Also it needs MH for NA, Japan is always confirmed when it comes to MH.

Soldierone2015d ago

You can tell what was rushed and what wasn't. Uncharted, Assassins Creed, and Gravity Rush were not. Wipeout was a port (a very good one) and so was Need For Speed.

The rest were all pretty much rushed. You can tell because the studios are all shut down now. Unit 13, Resistance, COD, Little Deviants etc... all felt like the potential was missed, but Sony needed games so you can't blame them.

The only issue is the idiots (vita is dead scrubs) that forget first waves of games normally are always the same and forget games get better as time passes....

YodaCracker2015d ago

The Xbox 360 actually is holding Kinect back. I can't wait to see what developers can pull off with Kinect on the next Xbox with all the additional processing power and with every console shipping with a Kinect sensor. So many possibilities for next generation.

Cueil2015d ago

true... to a point, but there are some limitations put on Kinect to make it more feasible to produce for consumer level

Riderz13372015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

People were disappointed with CoD Declassified? It was being developed by Nihilistic...Who the hell had high hopes for this game other than people expecting it to sell well.

2hoodz2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I respect everything you just said, I'm not here to disagree or prove you wrong just pointing out some other factors.

1. Activision is to blame for waiting so long to find a developer to make this game.

2. Nihilistic is also at fault for agreeing to take on such a task in 4-6 months time. Which resulted in less content/Story/MP Modes.

3. This has nothing to do with your post. Sony is not to be blame for how COD Vita turned out. What they should be blame for is allowing it to happen the way it did. It seems like Activision didnt really care to begin with, So in Sony an Nihilistic takes all the blame. From a raw Gameplay standpoint, how the controls feel is 100% spot on. Content/Polish ALL Blame goes to Activision.

Im not defending Nihilistic, But with short notice/Dev cycle = poor result. They did the best they could in 4-6 months.

KangarooSam2015d ago

Move along people; it's the same old "journalism" BS. There will be another ten of these articles for you to read tomorrow, don't you worry.

brettyd2015d ago

I know right? did people not learn with the ps3? first of all Vita has plenty of good games, more than 3DS had at this point in its life. I'm playing Wipout right now and I got it for FREE! Vita and PS+ have made owning a Vita a must for any gamer. If you think Vita has no games your not looking hard enough or you're a fanboy troll.

ABizzel12015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I agree look at the Game of the year list for best Vita game, or best handheld game on most of these gaming sites, and the Vita generally has the most games on the list, so how exactly are there "no games" or "no good games".

The problem was the Vita games had huge stretches between them. Launch was good, then space, until Gravity Rush then space until some PSN games then space until the holiday. However, that doesn't mean the Vita has no games. Simply buying PS+ nets you a solid 2 - 3 months worth of content for the Vita, with more to come each month. How is that no games.

Stop the BS, the Vita had a good year, and although COD was the biggest disappointment that was not Vita's fault.

It was 90% Activision's fault for not telling Sony they weren't willing to make the game when the system was first launching in February which would have gave them 9 months to develop the game (better yet when the Vita was announced). They hired a developer to produce the game then dropped them and the game with before E3.

9% of Nihilistic's fault for not demanding more time, and again tarnishing their brand after the Resistance fiasco.

1% Sony's fault for putting that faulty product out there to being with. Now that being said multiplayer is ok, controls are great, graphics are ok, but everything sucks.

On top of that there's games still releasing for the Vita, and a bunch of other games coming in 2013. Now the game you want might not be there, but the no games argument is dead.

ABizzel12015d ago

To the disagrees

Anyone who says Vita has not games, obviously doesn't have one, or PlayStation+.

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