Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console

Nintendo's Finnish site has broken the news about C64 games coming to the VC.

The first releases look like they will be International Karate and Uridium which are priced at a whopping 500 points each! No dates have been set yet by the looks of it but it all looks "official"

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Monteblanco3583d ago

I remember spending hours playing Elite. Perhaps it will fly again.

jedistev3583d ago

hope it will be less than 500 point maybe 200 would be reasonable...

C64 was great Computer games...not Console...wonder will type Run lol to play this...

Dizzy....mmmmm yes Dizzy pleeeeeassee!!!!!

PS360WII3583d ago

Holy criminy! VC is getting better and better

InMyOpinion3583d ago

Just had to make a comment =)

They should release IK+ instead. Give it online mode!

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The story is too old to be commented.