Naruto Storm 3: Jinchuriki, Tailed Beasts Confirmed

All nine Jinchuriki and their Bijuu are confirmed playable.

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tayz1987d ago

MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!!!!!!! Naruto is the greatest of all time!!!

*rainbow from mouth*

*blood from nose*

Y_51501986d ago

This is going to be the best one yet! Probably the best Naruto game ever! I see you as the first commentor a lot on Naruto related articles. :P

JoySticksFTW1986d ago

LOL, yeah.

I see a Naruto article, and I know my man Tayz will be in the comments.

It's cool to see someone get so pumped about something they like.

Haters be damned.

FogLight1986d ago

The chances of Madara appearing has been increased now :D

Dark111986d ago

I really hope so ..

no madara = no buy.

pompombrum1986d ago

Wow nice spoiler title lol. Not to mention FogKnight technically posted another spoiler lol. Still, the game won't have the finished story, that I'm certain of. With a bit of luck though, it'll hopefully go as far as say seeing Kabuto in action, without giving away any spoilers, I want to see him in the game as he appears in the manga.

Dark_Overlord1986d ago

Looking at that comment he hasn't given any spoilers away. I won't say why (that would be a spoiler lol), but the anime is far enough in for that not to be a spoiler :)

pompombrum1986d ago

I'm fairly certain in the anime masked man is still considered to be Madara.

Dark_Overlord1986d ago

That's why I didn't say why lol

FogLight1986d ago

Well if you consider it a spoiler, I apologize for that but since we are talking about a fight that happened after that particular event. It isn't really a spoiler.