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Valve acquires two-man studio, opening San Francisco office - report

Studio said to be headed up by Diablo and Plants vs. Zombies devs (Industry, PC, PS3, Valve, Xbox 360)

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hmmm ok.
NYC_Gamer  +   576d ago
Valve is on the hunt for talented developers
3-4-5  +   576d ago
So their First Party Valve games on the Valve Console will be good and system sellers.

^ or at least that is what they are attempting to do it seems. Good move.
Anarki  +   576d ago
It has begun!!!
Farsendor1  +   576d ago
im saving 600$ for the valve hybrid,very interested in what they could do with a console/pc hybrid.
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DomceM  +   576d ago
valve is buying developers to make games for the linux steambox. exciting !
k-dillinger  +   576d ago
Another American company in gaming I'll pass so will the rest of the world it'll fail be dead last til it disappears nothing to see here
DomceM  +   576d ago
cool story bro. Write a book about it ok?
shaun mcwayne  +   576d ago
Left 4 Dead 3 would make me pick one up day one.
Love it.

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