Molyneux would prefer to have HDD

Peter Molyneux says that while he would prefer to have a hard disk to work with as standard, he believes that backing low-price console hardware is "really important".

"Given the choice, I'd obviously choose a hard drive every day of the week," he told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"But the balance to that is you're supporting a system which is an awful lot cheaper.

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Genki3712d ago

Sometimes I wonder why people ask questions like this.

Then I snap back to reality and realize that the media is full of provocative, instigating bottom feeders.

Yi-Long3712d ago

... so I dont really understand why it's such a problem to have a HD in there without making it MUCH more expensive.

The reason that Microsoft didnt include a HD on their core/arcade version, is because they KNEW they could make LOTS of extra money of selling the overpriced HD as an extra, for those who were dumb enough to buy the core/arcade and found out later they would like demos etc as well.

I feel Microsoft made a mistake with not having a HD in there.
And games are limited because of that mistake

Jdoki3712d ago

Agreed.. MS can spin the whole 'appealing to the casual gamer / enticing price point to get in to gaming' line, but it seems clear to me that they left it out for cost reasons and to get the console on the market as quickly as possible.

Remember when the 360 launched? It was cited at the time that one of the limiting factors for launch units was supply of HDD's.

MS got it wrong, and it will limit games in the future, or alienate part of their install base if they allow (non-MMO) games ot be launched that require the HDD. We've already seen the first step towards this with the online issue in Burnout Paradise on 360.

I can't believe they are still bothering with the non-HDD SKU's, so I can only guess that some suckers are buying them, or MS doesn't want to lose face.

Jdoki3712d ago

The interview itself is pretty interesting and covers a fair bit of ground.

The HDD question (especially as an opener) is pretty pointless though. As if Peter was going to defend the XBox and say it's totally not necessary or on the flip side criticise MS for not making it standard!!

He tows the middle ground - although I wouldn't necessarily say his 'you're supporting a system which is an awful lot cheaper' is all that valid. In the UK there's only a 50quid difference in price between Arcade and Premium packages... WHY would anyone in their right mind buy the gimped version!?

Fishy Fingers3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

True, but £50 extra for a 20gb HDD? MS need to just do way with the Elite and Premium and just make one SKU with 120gb HDD for Premium prices.

How much do you thing MS pays for a 120gb HDD? When they buy by the million!

Jdoki3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Well you do get a few other extras for your 50quid (like wireless controller)!

But you are right... MS should bite the bullet and scrap the non-HDD SKU. While Sony has two SKU's I think MS will stick with that as well, so I'm not sure we'll get to 1 SKU any time soon.

Perhaps they'll get rid of the Arcade with their next price cut. Move the Premium to 199.99, get rid of the Arcade and leave the Elite at it's current price but chuck in another game.

Yi-Long3712d ago

... I just had my old classic Xbox modded (it was broken and could only be fixed with modding it) with a 250 GB HD, which was only 60 euro RETAIL (so much cheaper for a company like Microsoft to buy in bulk), yet they charge so much money for a lousy small HD. It's just disgusting and one of those things that many gamers, like myself, will keep in the back of their heads when a next generation of Microsoft comes out.

I dont mind Microsoft making a little profit, and I'm certainly not a Microsoft-hater (The original Xbox is still my favourite console EVER, and I've been playing games since MSX/Commodore etc)... but with the 360, with the faulty hardware, the DLC that you lose as soon as your system has to be replaced, the way-too-expensive add-ons, the no-HD SKU, and the ongoing overcharging of european gamers (450 euro for a barebones Elite(!) ), it's all a bit too much of a bad thing, to me.

Dont get me wrong. A working 360 is awesome, the joypads are great (apart from the d-pad), and the software is outstanding and varied...
But Microsoft has also done many things wrong.
And unlike Sony, which also did many things wrong but has quickly moved to right most of their wrongs, Microsoft seems a bit slow to fix stuff.

Ashta3712d ago

What I'm not understanding is that Molyneux DOES have a choice. He could always make a game for the PS3 which comes standard with a HDD and in terms of expenses the whole "its too costly to develop for" argument was washed away when Sony dropped all the prices on their dev kits and have been distributing programming tool kits like crazy lately.

Especially ever since Insomniac has been helping other developers with their own engines and junk.

He -COULD- always just get a game on the PS3. Just sayin...

candystop3712d ago

I believe he is an employee of MS now if i'm not mistaken and the PS3 also has limiting issues so a game for PS3 wouldn't neccesarily be better than one for the 360! Just because you add a bunch of stuff on your console to cover up the bad things doesn't make it better to work on! Fable 2 will be fine but i'm still a little angry with MS for not making the 360 HDD standard!

ip-student3712d ago

Yeah - I think the lack of a standard HDD was a big mistake as well - it would be awfully nice for developers to be able to count on the HDD - there is a big performance hit by not being able to count on it. Simple to fix though - just allow games that require it and drop the price of the 20 gig HDD to $60 USD. Doesn't seem like MS is willing to do that though.

candystop3712d ago

This was a terrible move by MS and kind of annoying to be honest! They have limited there hardwae just like Sony which makes me feel as though this generation will not be the leap any of us were hoping for! Now hopefully they listen on the Xbox 3 and don't follow the Wii direction which I totally fear and put in some type of harddrive! Yes I understand people dont have a lot of cash but all they have to do is drop the premium down to 279 and get rid of the arcade!

LastDance3712d ago

"They have limited there hardwae just like Sony"

how did sony limit their har.. you know what. your probably 12 im not going to bother.

candystop3712d ago

I swear the Sony fans are the biggest bunch of babies on this site that beleieve and are the only ones that believe that the PS3 is the better console! Yeah do me a favor and if you haven't just add me to your ignore list! Some of you guys are so blind it's creepy and makes me wonder why you even play games to begin with! There is nothing amazing about the PS3 so quit pretending there is already!

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