Sony Invites European Warriors to God of War: Ascension Beta

Push Square: "There may not be emails in Olympus, but it’s a good thing they exist on Earth. Sony’s just sent us an invitation to participate in the God of War: Ascension beta after registrations opened last month. If you’re successful, you’ll have received a notification on the same email address that your PlayStation Network account is registered to."

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SnakeCQC1899d ago

thats odd i didn't receive one :(

The_Klank1899d ago

Same, I just wanna get in before ps+ gets it because if not Rise of the warrior would of been a waste of time

Nitrowolf21899d ago

you get extra dlc and XP from rise of the warrior so it isn't a complete waste

The_Klank1899d ago


Totally forgot about that.

rezzah1899d ago

Recently for level or chapter 4 you get a weapon. The first item you get is like a special armor.

extermin8or1899d ago

I got an invite and I can tell you guys it's awesome. :D

Gamesgbkiller1899d ago

Had the code .
Still not too many players.

SAE1899d ago

Just got the code ^^

i wasn't expecting to get it ...

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The story is too old to be commented.