Hitman Absolution Patch released

The new patch for Hitman Absolution is ready to go

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Elite_7371953d ago

"- Added option to lower or disable Bloom effect"

THANK GOD. Bloom can look nice, however, they went fucking overboard in this game. In some parts of the game, you can literally see light emanating from your head if the sun happens to be shinning on you.

"- Performance improvements for MSAA and HBAO"

Right now I'm running everything on high at 1080p on a GTX 550ti, with the exception of Ambient Occlusion, which is on Normal. Hopefully I can run it on high now

I'm gonna try this out now.

mistajeff1953d ago

Turning off global illumination helps cut back the random light sources. But I'm glad they threw in that bloom option.