USA Weekly Chart, Ending 8th Dec 2012


1: X360 - 379,825 (+25%)
2: 3DS - 192,885 (+31%)
3: PS3 - 185,944 (+22%)
4: WiiU - 152,872 (+17%)
5: Wii - 131,174 (+20%)
6: DS - 100,679 (+16%)
7: PSV - 61,679 (+22%)
8: PSP - 6,678 (+17%)


1: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 391,078
2: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 341,710
3: (X360) Far Cry 3 - 273,360
4: (X360) Kinect Adventures! - 264,044
5: (X360) Halo 4 - 212,650
6: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 185,055
7: (X360) Kinect: Disneyland Adventures - 165,757
8: (PS3) Far Cry 3 - 142,103
9: (Wii) Wii Sports - 127,763
10: (X360) Forza Motorsport 4 - 126,870

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Kur01924d ago

Really disappointing numbers for Far Cry 3, it deserves much more. The US has becomes casual central, top games are Kinect and Wii casual titles and I'm beginning to think all those 360 sales are the Wii Soccer Moms moving on to Kinect. Looks like Microsoft's huge marketing for Kinect payed off in the USA. At least all sales are up across all platforms. So much for the game industry "dying". PSV selling quite well now, I got one on black friday and am happy with more PSV sales. Means more games will be on their way.

Welshy1924d ago

Maybe once Bioshock Infinite has seen the light of day, Bioshock Vita will get some love to help boost the Vita that little bit further again.

It's been slow to catch on, but after Black Friday, all consoles and handhelds have had a nice pre-holiday kick.

OT: i'm speaking in general terms, not basing my comments off VGchartz. The fact that this site is still given credit and regularly appears on top of N4G every week is crazy.

Ezz20131924d ago

this is vgchartes
don't ever believe any numbers they give

sak5001923d ago

Only believe when they spout numbers for EU showing ps3 higher numbers right?

Ezz20131923d ago


i never trust them
keep that in mind

i only go by sony and ms numbers

chukamachine1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

All fake numbers.

They have magically brought the gap to 2million again.

Godchild10201924d ago

The best way is to wait and see what their quarterly earnings are come Next Year. While these numbers can't be trusted, I'm sure the 360 and Ps3 are going to meet up with sales numbers at some point and one or maybe both will reach the Wii numbers.

Muerte24941923d ago

Even though Sony is probably going to show that they passed Microsoft (again) people are going to think they're adding in January because they're won't report their quarterly reports until early Feburary while Microsoft will post theirs mid-January. Just like what happened this quarter. But yeah, it's better just to wait until the quarterly reports come out.

Riderz13371924d ago

Vgchartz is becoming irrelevant. IRRELEVANT.

Hicken1923d ago

Becoming? The only thing they're good for is perpetuating ignorance.

Belking1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

It may be off but not by much. Those numbers are very close to the real ones.. MS is approaching the Wii sales in the U.S. Eventually they will pass them. Sony is so far behind in the US market that they may not be able to make it up in time for the next gen. Also, the 3ds is really putting a whipping on the vita. Americans sure do love buying xbox 360 games. Over 50% of that list is xbox360 games. MS has certainly built a strong brand name with the xbox.

j-blaze1923d ago

give us another source that prove they're wrong? on n4g it's like this...when Vgchartz gives a good ps3/vita numbers = relevant, if they didn't = irrelevant.
can't you guys accept the fact that ps3 and vita are in last place? and that Sony lost loads of money because of them?

Riderz13371923d ago

LMAO like I care what company is in first or last place. Last time I checked I wasn't getting any pay checks from anyone to praise their sales. LOL

josephayal1923d ago

VGChartz is very very accurate. Ithink NPD data is not quite accurate

majiebeast1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Lol the official sales report isnt accurate but a site made by a 360 fanboy, that got banned off neogaf is? LOL.