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New Legend of Heroes Announced for PS3 & PS Vita

Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki.

- Tactical combat system that involves overpowering enemies by raising your bonds. Battle system will be more intuitive and speedy.
- Active voice system that will feature voice acting during movement, while in cities, during regular conversations, etc.
- 360 degree free camera.
- It's due sometime in 2013. (Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, PS Vita, PS3)

Simon_Brezhnev  +   892d ago
Lately Vita been getting a lot of love. I see a lot of new Japanese games making them for both Vita and PS3. One Piece Warriors 2 and Project Versus J.
TongkatAli  +   892d ago
Cause it cost nothing to port to the Vita. If the PS3 alive no way the Vita is dying and mix in some original games for the Vita, its set. The only problem I see is if the Vita is super expensive to produce which I doubt.
Xof  +   892d ago
In Japan. The Vita's always had plenty of love in Japan.

It's in North America and Europe where it seems like Sony has completely forgotten the thing exists.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   892d ago
Oh i didnt know it got that much love in Japan. I guess i let the vita doom headlines get to me. Since i got a vita now ive been paying attention.
ronin4life  +   891d ago
It really hasn't sales wise. Slower to a million than DreamCast. Stuck at or below 10,000 almost All year.
And while more Japanese devs line up than western devs, That's always true of handhelds. And even then, so far for the vita they are almost all like this game; Multiplatform or ports.

Recently, Software announcements have picked up... and none of them are Vita only titles. All while(For the sake of comparison of potential future software support based on market competition/performance) 3DS has been gaining more exclusive titles, Like the new super robot wars that was just announced.
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skyrimer  +   892d ago
Also DOA5, lots of announcements in less than a month
ritsuka666  +   892d ago
"Lately Vita been getting a lot of lov"

Not sure if serious or just troling... Vita still sell like shit in japan.

"I see a lot of new Japanese games making them for both Vita and PS3. One Piece Warriors 2 and Project Versus J.

So, just this 2 games? ok then dude...
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xursz  +   892d ago
Looks at comment history...

You're not fooling me, pal.
xursz  +   892d ago | Well said
Unbeliveble. Just 3 days ago you were clamoring for Project Versus J when you thought it was confirmed for 3ds but now that its for vita its 'just that game'.

Let me quote you're own words as a matter of fact, "OMGF confirmed for 3DS!!!!!GOD YES!! Day 1 purchase for me!" <-- Anyone can see this for themself.

This is pure shameless behavior. I marked you for trolling. Now learn to stay off people's lawn when its nicer than your own.

edit: already with one bubble, should've figured.
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TongkatAli  +   891d ago
Owned go back to your 3DS kid.
Tei777  +   890d ago
What is sells like at the moment and what games are coming next year are 2 isolated topics lol. Also its a lot more then just these 2 games

- God Eater 2
-Masumora demon blade
-Gundam Breaker
-Valhala knight 3
-Tales of Hearts R
-Soul sacrifice
-Phantasy star online 2
-Dead or alive plus,
-Ninja gaidan 2 plus-
-One piece warriors 2
-Project J Versus

And all these games (minus project J versus) are arriving by spring.
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   892d ago
How are the chances this get localized? T__T
sashimi  +   892d ago
Its possible but it'll take awhile since the LoH series have a lot of text and the other prequels are still in the process of being localized.
abzdine  +   892d ago
if there is enough demand they will do it. They dont want to take a risk and that's understandable.
ronin4life  +   891d ago
I don't know that much about this series(been thinking about buying the psp game) But I think there are quite a few entries that haven't made it over yet...
I also want to say it is/may be rumoured to be having its first game come to Steam... which would make sense, as I believe this was originally a PC game series.
3-4-5  +   891d ago
Lots of people wanted it localized for PSP.

This just means anyone who wants it and doesn't own a PS Vita or PS3 will now go get one.

If it get's localized I'll probably buy a vita just for it.
Ult iMate  +   892d ago
At last a LoH game with great graphics! Now for a western release.
landog  +   892d ago

keep those rpg's coming, thats what makes me love my psp, i still play that thing all the time

the vita is going to be an amazing system, by summer there will be a ton of games and in a year...man, the vita is going to be incredible, its already a great machine, just keep the awesome software coming!
AznGaara  +   892d ago
Lets all be honest, the Psp had a lot of big Jrpgs that never got localized either. Final Fantasy Agito, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and most recently they're getting One Piece Romance Dawn. Vita will undoubtably get the same love but we need more localizations. Then maybe all these doom a gloom articles will stop, not that I care I love my Vita!
r21  +   892d ago
Oh wow, this game looks gorgeous :D Vita has been getting alot of JRPGs and thats never a bad thing :)
skyrimer  +   892d ago
yay more games!
gear  +   892d ago
crinale  +   892d ago
So making Vita PS3 port-friendly is paying off, I think.
Godchild1020  +   892d ago
I think it is, The Vita is picking up otherwise missed sales if it was only released on just one system.

I think this is the "talk" that Sony were talking about with Third-Party developers. Nice to see it moving forward.
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Ultraplayerxp  +   892d ago
There is no way they are not localizing this. NO WAY!
abcd  +   892d ago
A lot of people happy here but I have a question:

You will buy the game if Xseed localizes it?

Unfortunately, Legend of heroes Trails in The Sky (easily the best turn based rpg for psp) and Ys series didn't sell well. It's really sad because Nihon Falcom is an amazing video game company.
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Hanso  +   892d ago
i would buy it but too bad they never released the sequel of Trails of the sky here in europe the vita game..
Xwow2008  +   892d ago
cfountain  +   891d ago
once it comes to the US(well...if) I will buy it for my Vita
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   890d ago
I was excited for this...

......Then I found out it's not coming to NA. Hopefully they'll announce it soon. :(

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