Google 2012: PlayStation was the 6th most searched term under Consumer Electronics

GB: Google search results gives us an idea of what a majority of people are searching for or what they want, and you kind of knew that Justin Beiber and Kate Middleton were going to top the results for 2012. Actually you were wrong, Selena Gomez managed to top instead of Justin Beiber! Not sure if that means anything though, or maybe it does…

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iNathan1957d ago

Awesome devices, i dont have Surface or Lumia but already played with some and man Lumia 920 is such a great device, plus WP8 is great, so quick and fresh.

Apple on top as usual, nice to see PlayStation wich such amazing growth. Too bad Xbox didnt make it, it deserves to be there. Both Console are amazing devices with an outstanding library of games...

ardivt1957d ago

I just hope that soon there will be the windows 7.8 update for the windows phones.
I hate it how microsoft always neglects the older versions of their hardware. First I had a windows 6.5 phone (htc hd2) and eventually the store got shut down. now I got the omnia 7 and again the store wont work because of a special manual marketplace update which just wont install.
come on ms, some love for a loyal customer for years...

torchic1957d ago

have you seen the amount of advertising Microsoft is pushing for Windows 8 / Surface / Windows Phone (Lumia)? it's no wonder Microsoft is up there. anything less would be a failure. I can't imagine the massive advertising strategy they have in place for the Xbox 720 it's going to be unreal. Sony better be wary and not pull off their "we're too premium for mass-market advertising" bullshit.

ZoyosJD1957d ago

someone commented this like 30 min ago on a article this one is in response to. coincidence? you decide.

M2-1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

To vague for me, The Playstation brand has existed for quite a while. If it was further broken down by product then that would be more interesting.

I mean all the other "Top Consumer Electronics Searches" are broken down by make/model except the Playstation brand...

Top Consumer Electronics Searches

iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPad Mini
Nexus 7
Galaxy Note 2
Play Station
iPad 4
Microsoft Surface
Kindle Fire
Nokia Lumia 920


iamnsuperman1957d ago

Well i assume it is because searching the brand name of the other devices (like samsung and nokia) would give you a vast array of different types of products (its the same as searching for Sony for the Playstation brand)I don't think people need to search PS3 as a device comes out every 5-6 years not one every one or two years (for example there are three ipad trends there. I agree it is a little weird they lumped it into the same catagory but i guess the logic is who/realistically how many would be searching for a PS1 or PS2.....on google

M2-1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I understand where you are coming from and using logic one would assume searches in 2012 are for more recent products ie: PS3, PS Vita and PSP (judging by the list all products have actually been released). But based on the present data and how it's presented, you would have to assume it literally means Playstation as in PSone.

Factual data should not be ambiguous.

kingPoS1957d ago

You'd surprised at how many people actually look into PS1 games.

Nearly every PlayStation platform can play them. The ps3 can play the ps1 discs as well as psn downloads. There's also the addition of remote-play.

landog1957d ago

when you type "playstation" in google "playstation 4" comes up on top of "playstation 3"

the world is ready sony, bring it!

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