Will BioShock Vita Ever Come Out?

IGN's Colin and Andrew discuss the long-awaited BioShock game for Vita and take bets on whether or not it will ever see the light of day.

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Riderz13372168d ago

Lol Levine looks so weird in that pic.

"Hail the mighty VITA! HOORA!"

OT - I really do hope it comes out and that Levine is involved with the project somehow because I felt that Bioshock 2 wasn't as good of an experience as Bioshock 1 (still a good game though) mainly because Levine had no affiliation with the project.

Tctczach2168d ago

I'll play devils advocate. With a system that was not so well received in America, will it have the following it needs? I love the Bioshock series but I think the Vita needs to prove itself further before they make such a huge commitment.

dgonza402168d ago

They need to sell more vitas to get sell more games, but they need more games to sell more vitas.

Welshy2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Took the words out of my mouth. This type of logic that @Tctczach has is just a game of Catch 22.

The only way the Vita will "prove itself" is if people make games for it that show players just how good it can be.

This logic of sitting back and seeing how a platform does before having a library of games that actually utilise the device to its full potential is just silly.

It's like the BS counter productive attitude when trying to get a job. I have papers that qualify me as an engineer, but haven't worked in engineering since. So i'm told i have "no experience" when i apply for positions, but i "need experience" to get a job when i apply for them too...

See where this silly logic just spins forever in counter productive circles taking everyone nowhere?

OT: I really want a Bioshock Vita, but first and foremost, i want Bioshock Infinite to blow me away like Bioshock 1 did and send the gen out on a bang alongside GTA5, Beyond and Last Of Us.

SandWitch2168d ago

By the time Bioshock Vita would release (by the end of 2013 or later), there will be a lot more than 4 millions VITAs. It's hard to predict but I would say there should be around 10 mils. And given that Bioshock is a huge especially in US, the game itself would move a lot of systems. Uncharted Golden Abyss sold 0.85 mil retail units with a lot smaller install base, so 1+ mil for Bioshock sounds quite possible.

jony_dols2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

10 mil might be a push by the end of 2013; going by current sale trends, but hopefully AC Liberation's relative commercial success ( http://www.playstationlifes... ) will have encouraged 2K that there is a market for expansive & deep gaming experiences on the Vita.

Come'on Levine; Bioshock Infinite is pretty much complete (apart from bug testing), now get busy convincing those suits & get cracking on Bioshock PSV!

-GametimeUK-2168d ago

Bioshock would help me part with my money to buy a Vita. I kind of want one. I am downloading the Vita Games every month on PS+ just incase I decide to pick one up. Having Gravity Rush and not being able to play it is heart breaking, though.

psp2roundup2168d ago

Umm, no. As much as I'd love it to, the cost of development vs. return makes no sense. The bean counters are deciding this, looking at current Vita growth sales rates - anyone would be mad to approve it.

TimeSkipLuffy2168d ago

It has to happen! We need more games for the Vita! Not just ports or dumb casual games!
If Sony will not kick in and get this game for their system I really start to believe that the Vita is going to be a dead handheld console... which would be really sad!!

MikeMyers2168d ago

It's a catch-22. They need the fanbase to sell to but in order to get that fanbase their needs to be software people want.

I'd hate to see this project held up and put on the shelf until they feel enough Vita's are sold. I'm sure Levine and his team could make a cool project for Vita. At the very least they should have made a cross-platform game that works with the PS3 and have some unique features.

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