We Can Thank Skrillex For Far Cry 3’s Best Musical Moment

Kotaku - There's a mission in Far Cry 3 that… well, it's kind of "That Mission." Every time someone new plays the game, I see them on Twitter or wherever, raving about the pot-burning mission.

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Pandamobile1867d ago

I had a blast running around with a flamethrower blaring this song.

Riderz13371867d ago

Wtf that was terrible...Clap Trap is the #1 dubstep producer. Wub Wub

Blackdeath_6631867d ago

although i dislike skrillex some of my favourite dubstep moments do includes his songs. didn't realise this song was in farcry3 haven't had the chance to play it yet

Mikey322301866d ago

i liked the music but i hated how overwhelmingly loud it was, it seemed horribly implemented.

LackTrue4K1866d ago

Lol. So true!!!! It was too loud, I had a hard time passing the misson and foucsing,to a point I was thinking it was a glitce. I try to find a setting in the opinions. Lol...

Mikey322301866d ago

i'm glad i wasnt the only one!! had the exact same experience.

Neckbear1866d ago

It was fine until all the generic dubstep crap. God, I hate this genre.

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