DmC Devil May Cry PC Gameplay

Some gameplay footage of the PC version of DmC Devil May Cry. This version will run at a smooth 60+ FPS.

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ritsuka6661926d ago

This version will run at a smooth 60+ FPS.

Basic fact is no matter what you do to a turd game, polish it, paint it, give it bling it's still a turd, and there is nothing you can do about that underlying fact.

dirthurts1925d ago

What video did you watch?
I don't like how they changed the character, but the gameplay looks classic DMC to me. Even smoother than in the past!
Not to mention the graphics are fantastic.
I'll be playing this, and enjoying the crap out of it. You just keep on hating.

Baka-akaB1925d ago

It's nothing classic unless you played DMC very superfically . At least the pc version is smooth , but it's still a dumbed down version with even a few different controls .

It's cool if you enjoy it , no biggie , but again it's not classic dmc

dirthurts1925d ago

Have you actually played this game?
I'm having a feeling that's a no.

Baka-akaB1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Dude there is even a demo for everyone to see , on top of public presentation . Give up that angle or just call me a hater , as usual

TheBlackSmoke1925d ago

Its funny how as soon as a new DmC game (or any sequel/reboot) is on the horizon,"everyone" in internet land was a ginormous superfan of the old games, "mastered" devil may cry's citizen kane of combat engines, beasted through Dante must die mode with ease, effortlessly got SSS in every pleeease, stfu.

most of the people whining about frame rate and ruining advanced combos, I guarantee never even finished Dmc3 without dropping the difficulty to easy.

Stop acting like your falsely being called haters. YOU ARE HATERS, ever since the first trailer with NO GAMEPLAY you hated the haircut then you moved on to voice acting, then story, then condemning it for being 30 fps and now the combat engine is OH MY GOD TERRIBLE! even though you can tell they really tried to preserve the classic moves. Im sorry but if the combat is terrible then god of war must have the worst gameplay of all time.

It just sounds like you want them to cut and paste another generic outing through a castle with dante, oh but then Capcom would get shit for rehashing. nevermind

Baka-akaB1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Or you can just look at my post history from the early days of n4g , eons before "DmC got even rumored" ... got nothing to prove to you and if you're bored , feel free to swift through .

Yaawwn.. "Stop acting like your falsely being called haters."

I'm not acting , i'm a hater of the game . Doesnt make my reasons less valid or true for me and some others

" Im sorry but if the combat is terrible then god of war must have the worst gameplay of all time.

Cool story bro . But it's called dmc not God of war , hence you could expect a gameplay at least as good or as consistent as the rest of the serie .

Again if you look at the history , you'll notice that i say it's not necessarily a bad game , just not fitting or good enough for dmc imo .

And ... you not what ? Just go to hell already and put me on ignore if bothered

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ABizzel11925d ago

What is Dante's sword hanging on when he put's it on his back at the end?

VileAndVicious1925d ago

Lol what is Dantes sword ever hanging on when he puts it on his back? I seriously don't know why they've never given the man a sheath for his weapons.

ABizzel11925d ago

LMAO I never really noticed, but that's one of his powers.

landog1925d ago

at first i thought the game would be awful, and i still hate the emo-justin-bieber looking dante, BUT....after seeing more and more gameplay...I think the core dmc mechanics look to be intact...definately going to try this

love all dmc games (except part 2.....eww)

shempo1925d ago

too bad it will sale less than 100k on pc's
waste of moneu from ninja theory the yshould stick on consoles only

dirthurts1925d ago

That's 100 thousand players who will enjoy the game.
Last I checked, that 5 million in revenue. Not really a waste of my time.
Honestly, it will probably sell more than that considering retails, steam, and the growing PC base as of the last few years, will the drug out console cycle this gen.

Kamikaze1351925d ago

No...that's not how game sales work at all.

aquamala1925d ago

Somebody's jealous they can't play the best version of the game

kevnb1925d ago

they keep making almost every console type game available on pc for a reason.

Hanso1925d ago

Really, the only way this is going to save itself is if when the game ends, it cuts of Dante waking up with a start and uttering something about a bad dream and leads into the opening scene of DMC 3.

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