How Metro: Last Light continues to impress - MMGN

MMGN: There aren’t many games in this generation which have been brazen enough to stifle the player’s life if they make mistakes. In a generation fraught with regenerating health, plentiful ammo and generous save points, Last Light aims to punish you for not thinking things through. The end result of that is that you’ll be forced to think, and that in turn will make for a vastly more rewarding game experience and may just remind you what shooters used to be and can be again.

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majiebeast1919d ago

I really hope this does well for THQ they really need a hit now and deserve it.

TheRealSpy1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

agree, i'm enjoying 2033 so far; and i would really like to see a next gen saints row.

Septic1919d ago

Nice to see developers being brave enough to do away with the constant hand-holding like the vast majority of games do these days.

Here's hoping the full package lives up to this early promise.