Quad 3870 X2 scores 100FPS+ on COD4 at 2650x1600 4X FSAA

"We had a chance to spend some time with two Radeon 3870 X2 cards and we had the access to the 3870 X2 Crossfire X driver. We were told that Call of Duty 4, probably the best first person shooter ever (at least to yours truly) can run at over 100FPS at 2650x1600 4X FSAA but you would need two Radeon 3870 X2 to achieve it. Of course we played on a 30 inch Dell display, what else.

We sat behind the machine, set the resolution and settings and we started playing. We were shocked to see that the FPS count on this beta driver goes between 65, the lowest we've seen in a single scene, all the way to 140FPS.

We are of course talking about 2650x1600 4X FSAA settings and on average you end up with about 80FPS. Remember this is not the final driver and we were told that the final CrossfireX driver will resurface in march.

Two of these cards will cost about €650 which is not that bad as it will offer you incredibly great gaming experience and last year you had to give about twice as much to get the same thing.

Here are a few pictures of this magnificent experience."

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TheIneffableBob3652d ago

Competitive players in most games play with the graphics settings toned down so that things like special effects don't distract them when they're trying to kill their enemy.

games4fun3652d ago

650 ouch, could buy two consoles with that money and still have some left over for for games

mistertwoturbo3652d ago

seriously, who really needs 100 frames per second at that resolution where it doesn't make a difference in that small screen size?

maybe 2650x1600 4X FSAA on a 46" TV, then w00t that would look amazingly beautiful.

ElementX3652d ago

With Sync frame off, it's going to tear like Mass Effect. Even if you get 100 frames/sec, you should still sync it with the monitor refresh to avoid screen tearing.

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