Dragon Quest VII comes to life on the 3DS in an all new promotional video

The first promotional video for Dragon Quest VII's 3DS remake is here.

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Yangus2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Awesome!Nice remake!
I like this game ps1.Day 1.

Xof2012d ago

Pending an NA/EU release, of course.

Godchild10202010d ago

I'm happy they are doing a remake (Day one in the US), but is any one a little mad that they are remaking Dragon Quest 7 (PS1 Game), and not remaking Final Fantasy 7. Which FF7 sold better than then DQ7 in all regions.

I'm also made that it's only coming to the 3DS, why not the WII U or the PS3. I would have mentioned the Vita, but we can tell how much SE cares about Sony as of lately or the Vita in general.