BioShock Infinite Hands-on Preview | The Guardian

The Guardian: "Irrational Games's latest brainchild is a pig to preview: the less one knows about it, the better it will be to play."

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joab7772013d ago maybe he did say too much or my brain is spinning with ideas as to what levine is talking about. Damage bars over their heads being something contrary to levines immersion principles, tears in reality, revenge of the jedi showing, cjndi lauper songs playing. Is this gonna be exactly that which i though mass effect could have been and few before have. Drawing the gamer in with a twist that reveals something along the lines that he is really in our time, or the gamer is helping someone through some augmented reality to change the present. I have alot of ideas but i want to stop myself from considering them because i dont want to ruin it.