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Halo 4 clearly the best Xbox 360 game of all time (examiner.com review)

Fast forward to 2012 and Microsoft gets developer 343 studios working on Halo 4 rather than Bungie. In what pays off as one of the greatest moves in gaming, Halo 4 quickly becomes the best title on the Xbox 360, ever. (Halo 4, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

Belking  +   740d ago
Excellent game and definitely one of the best games this gen. 343 pulled off a masterpiece.
FarCryLover182  +   740d ago
It's definitely a good game for sure.
Nexgensensation  +   740d ago
I give it to halo
no other fps series in this generation of gaming come close.
if you played halo from the 1st to the 3rd then you should know that halo is of those games that can stand the test of time.

now these days us gamers are so caught up measuring the success of one game by the units they sell. In most case this would be a problem but for halo, being that not only the series sold more 65+million. the series come complete with a multidimensional story through out the entire series and with top of the line multiplayer.

Halo is a combination of creativity, success, and modern day sophistication.
1nsaint  +   740d ago
Lets see what the custom game community thinks about halo 4..

Kalowest  +   740d ago
More like one of the best FPS.
FriedGoat  +   740d ago
*Console fps
1nsaint  +   740d ago
As a veteran halo player i must say that halo 4 is a big disapointment to me, but not just me, also a large part of the custom game and forge community.

As there is little to no support for awesome custon game variants (that where possible in bungie's titles)

Which is one of the many things that 343 left out of halo

Imo the only reason that halo 4 is a decent game is because microsoft gave 343 a blank cheque to make the game.

Even a kindergarten would make a awesome game with unlimited money.

343 is just profiting out of bungie's succes and taking credit for multiple things like the engine, which is made by bungie, and the cutscenes who are done by axis animation..

Other then that, the absence of campaign scoring, the awfull playlists and un-symetrical and too large maps make this the worst halo i ever played...
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Elit3Nick  +   740d ago
343 said that they are working on implementing a proper custom games search system soon :)
TheColbertinator  +   740d ago
"Halo 4 quickly becomes the best title on the Xbox 360, ever"

I prefer Reach.
dirthurts  +   740d ago
Wha? I really didn't enjoy Reach at all.
Not that it was a bad game, I just wasn't feeling it.
FriedGoat  +   740d ago
Reach had better campaign, that's for sure. The Halo 4 campaign was just confusing and very unhalo.
NeverEnding1989  +   740d ago
Reach had some good qualities (Invasion is the greatest gametype ever), but I tend to agree with the majority. I didn't feel Bungie was giving it their all when developing Reach. Story, maps, multiplayer support...IMO all were seriously lacking in Reach.

And I agree with above, Halo 4 is easily one of the best games of this generation. Certainly one of the greatest in regards to longevity.


Bungie handed the reins over to 343 after I had stopped playing it.
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Zodiac  +   740d ago
Bungie didn't so online for Reach. 343i did the online.
aviator189  +   740d ago
you might want to check your facts again...

bungie wast the sole developer of reach. certain affinity did some of the dlc, and 343i updated some playlists and gametypes like rotating forge maps.
Zodiac  +   740d ago
@aviator189. Just checked. Yeah, seems i was wrong. Could have sworn that they developed the multiplayer. I apologize to my avatar.
FarCryLover182  +   740d ago
@Zodiac, I think you are just confused about that because 343i took over the job of running the Reach servers and playlists.
rpd123  +   740d ago
I think Reach had a great story. The multiplayer was great, but the maps were lacking. That said, I liked more maps in Reach than I do so far in 4. Ragnarok and Exile are my favorites and like Complex and Haven, but I just tolerate the rest.
NewZealander  +   740d ago
reach was good but that damn motion blur killed it, even plants swaying had motion blur WTF, it made the game look muddy and hurt my eyes.

i tried playing it again the other week but after playing halo 4 i just couldn't do it.
TheColbertinator  +   740d ago
I didn't mind the motion blur.I loved the "glow" it gave to many of the weapons and maps.
grayfoxx881  +   740d ago
Halo 4 is an awesome game, but not the best 360 game. I don't even think it's the best Halo game, that award would have to go to Halo 3. I wasted too many hours playing the multiplayer of 3, and I regret none of it. 4's campaign is better than 3's, but what's the deal with 4 only shipping with 10 multiplayer maps? And with only 9 more maps on the way? Anyone else tired of playing on Ragno...no I can't say it...VAHALLA? Spartan Ops is a joke, too. I won't be wasting money on Season 2.
FarCryLover182  +   740d ago
I don't think they are going to come out with S2 of Spartan Ops.
SJPFTW  +   740d ago
I agree with you even though I am enjoying Halo 4. For one they have not balanced armor abilities and just added more bullshit. Armor lock was terrible and so is active Camo. In Halo 4 just guys hiding in corners with Camo on.

I missed the days of Halo 3, 2 and 1
grayfoxx881  +   740d ago
Don't get me wrong, I really like Halo 4's campaign and multiplayer, the community just needs more 4 vs. 4 slayer maps. The Crimson maps look like they're BTB maps, but from what I'm reading not many people are impressed with them.

Yeah the camo is a little annoying. It either works extremely well or not at all. I usually spot the little bastards hiding in corners, but the other night someone got me with the Spartan Laser while I was in a Mantis. He was crouching on a hill...with camo...sonofabitch.
NewZealander  +   740d ago
yeah the story in halo 3 was kinda all over the place, for me halo 4 has the best story, and halo 2 was pretty cool also, ive never played multi player on a halo game until now, and i love it! but damn i gotta agree theres not enough maps and im sick to death of ragnarock, why is it so popular? i find it a bore!
spicelicka  +   740d ago
Definitely. Extremely underrated game, and there's a reason the ratings are 100s to random 50s, because some idiots don't understand how to play the game. It's a sandbox game so you carve your own experience, halo doesn't mouth feed you which is why some reviewers play it once just to finish it, and think it wasn't satisfying.

I don't get why the multiplayer is being disliked. I freaking loveeeit! Sure 2 and 3 had amazing multiplayer modes but most of that is from nostalgia. Halo 4 multiplayer has already managed to keep me genuinely addicted and the nostalgia isn't even gonna kick in for another year.
Tctczach  +   740d ago
Halo 4 just didnt do it for me.The first Mass Effect is still one of best games ever in my opinion. Even though it is not an exclusive anymore.
Belking  +   740d ago
So what does being exclusive have to do with how good a game is?
Tctczach  +   740d ago
Read the title of the article again. It talks about how Halo 4 is the best Xbox game of all time. I am saying I thought Mass Effect was the best Xbox game until it became non exclusive and went multiplatform.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   740d ago
Halo 4 is the best game period, although i'd like a halo 2 remake
Norrison  +   740d ago
To me it is a great game but this xbox 360 games would be the best ones
HL2, Batman AC or AA, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Borderlands 2, Assasins Creed 2, Mass effect.
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Sigh  +   740d ago
Best game on xbox 360 all-time? Can't be mad at that. Loved everything about the game, yes I know, the campaign was too short compared to others. But I felt it was right timing, and enough for me to try again on Legendary lol. And the graphics look amazing.
Feldman9000  +   740d ago
To those mentioning multiplats as greatest xbox games, that defeats the purpose. Halo 4 is the greatest xbox 360 game of all time, not multiplat
Bob570  +   740d ago
Good game? Yes. Great game? Sure. Best Xbox 360 title of all time? Absolutely not.

That title belongs to Halo 3 (IMO) just because of the multiplayer. Halo 4's story was pretty mediocre in the grand scheme of things. After reading the books and being a hardcore fan since 2003 it's just not doing it for me. Overall I'm a bit disappointed with this game, I had very high hopes for the story.

The multiplayer is lacking. The additions of sprint and being able to start out with whatever precision weapons you want have killed all close range combat. It's too easy to get out of close range combat with sprint. And then you have the overpowered DMR which is deadly even at sniper range. At least the game as a whole is quite a lot better than Reach.

I don't dislike the game, like I said, it is a great game. But having played the crap out of Halo 1,2 and 3 in their prime and even past their prime, I'm gonna have to say that Halo 4 just won't ever come close.
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IronFistChinMi  +   740d ago
I'm surprised you think the story was disappointing in the grand scheme of things. Seeing as you've read the books (the Forerunner trilogy I assume?), you should know that the events that took place in H4, that whilst subtle, have paved the way for some potentially awesome events happening in the next 2 games.
1nsaint  +   740d ago
Couldnt agree more. Its sad though that the people who are disapointed are the long time loyal halo fans
Bar_Brothers  +   740d ago
Game is GREAT
Campaign is top notch
Online is the best in business
Graphics - it just won VGA best graphics awards
Gameplay - its halo you either like it or hate it, no middle term here
Fun - it has tons of fans but you might get upset online because it requires skill unlike Call of Duty more friendly approach
A7XEric  +   740d ago
Campaign is far from top notch. The story was horrible, the Prometheans and Didact have horribly un-Forerunner designs, half the missions have recycled ideas from previous games, and the music is very subpar.

Graphically the game is a beast as we all know.

And yes it may require more skill than CoD, but this Halo game probably has the smallest skill gap in the series. You are now rewarded for just spamming the trigger on the DMR as fast as possible instead of carefully pacing your shots like in Reach.

And now with Specializations, Tactical Packages, Support Upgrades, and randomizing element that Ordinance brings to the game, Halo is less skill-based than ever before.
the worst  +   740d ago
if this is the best 360 has
3 letters
AznGaara  +   740d ago
This game is amazing, no lie but best 360 game of all time? Best 360 exclusive yes, but of all time? I give that to Red Dead or Bioshock.
A7XEric  +   740d ago
Coming from a Halo fanboy, no this game isn't close to being the best 360 game or even the best Halo on 360.
1nsaint  +   740d ago
Also comming from a halo fanboy :p Yep this game wouldnt even make it in my top 20 xD
InTheLab  +   740d ago
Except it's not. The prometheans are s*** enemies and lack the creativity of the covenant...so the last 3rd of the game is incredibly boring....and so are the "new" weapons. A dog with a gun and a walking bullet sponge. This was the first time I've had no desire to play through a Halo on Legendary.

It's not better than...

Halo CE
Gears of War 1
Jade Empire

Maybe top five but xbox has very few AAA exclusives of quality...

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