GamesRadar Preview: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

GamesRadar writes:

"Even with Final Fantasy XIII on the horizon, the series' seventh installment remains by far the most popular. Scoring amazing reviews back in 1997, it has since spawned spin-off games, movies and even novels. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the latest game added to the list and expands upon the original game's epic storyline by exploring the origins of the evil Shinra Corporation some seven years earlier."

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Iron Man 23743d ago

Dark Sniper can't wait to pick up FFVII:Crisis Core for PSP®,this along with God Of War:Chains Of Olympus,Patapon and Secret Agent Clank will give Dark Sniper's PSP® a much needed workout in 2008


ps360s3743d ago

but I have to wait ages for the UK release date but I did get to play on the Jap version and wow love it...battle systems is really great

shotputking3743d ago

this is the reason i bought a psp, can't wait.

ChrisGTR13743d ago

does anyone even buy psp games anymore? piracy on psp is reaching crazy levels thanks to dark alex. i dunno how sony hasnt arrested him or something. i already have this game in japanese version..;)

Sophie3743d ago

This game is the best reason to buy a PSP (with Patapon, FlOw, and others... )