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Journey Transcends Gaming with Grammy Nomination, Other Accolades

Posted by Scott Rohde // SVP of Product Development, Worldwide Studios America, SCEA -

As 2012 prepares to come to a close, many of us have taken a step back to reflect on the amazing game experiences we’ve enjoyed throughout 2012. One game in particular stands out above the rest: Journey. Since it was announced in June two years ago, critics and fans alike have been praising Journey’s heartfelt narrative, incredibly memorable visuals and emotional score. Once it launched back in March, it quickly garnered the attention and admiration of many, ultimately resulting in three big wins at the recent 10th Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards, including Best PS3 Game, Best Independent Game and Best Original Score. In addition, Journey, still the fastest-selling PSN game of all time, has earned the first-ever Grammy nomination for a video game in the Recording Academy’s 55-year history, in the category of best score soundtrack for visual media, placing us in the ranks of legendary composers John Williams and Hans Zimmer. (Journey, PS3)

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first1NFANTRY  +   873d ago
Well what more can i say. Sony always taking chances with innovation and it always pays off. Which other gaming company has ever had a video game nominated for a grammy award? M$, Nintendo maybe? i don't think so. Big congrats to that gaming company on a historical achievement.

I know what platform i'm supporting next hear that's for sure.
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GenericNameHere  +   873d ago
The Legend of Zelda series also have a HUGE award given to it. I'm not sure if the Grammies is the BIGGEST thing, but Zelda definitely got an award.
ado908  +   873d ago
He says Grammy's. If it's just "award" than a lot of games got "huge" rewards... Although Littlebigplanet 2 set 5 world records.
miyamoto  +   873d ago
Great Risks Great Rewards
Great Risks Great Rewards

If Sony PlayStation is a man, those will be the names inscription on each of his two balls.
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first1NFANTRY  +   873d ago
wow i get waht you mean but that's kinda extreme dude lol. oh and you forgot to say no homo
level 360  +   873d ago
Very well deserved indeed. Also congratulations to Sony for seeing the potential of this game.

Every gamer really needs to have a go and experience Journey.

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