Google Predicts Xbox 720 Will Crush PS4

Google’s algorithms are so complex, far reaching, and ever evolving that they have the capability to collapse our entire collective consciousness into one simple set of ideas.

Take A look at what Google is saying about the Next-Gen Consoles

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Canthar1957d ago

Make my own choice when I see more information.

Anon19741957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

You know what's weird? I can't see where Google predicts any such thing. As I use Google Adwords, I had a look at their tools. I searched stats for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 720 globally without any language restrictions to see what type of data Google spit out regarding how often these terms are searched for.

According to Google, monthly searches for the PS4 versus Xbox 720 during the past 12 averaged out equally at 823,000 searches each month. So how did this site figure out that Xbox 720 was the most popular search? That's not what Google's analytics tools are showing me. So how did they get their results? It would have been nice if they had explained how they came by these numbers, and posted numbers instead of percentages.

Something else I found interesting is that by far, "PS3" crushed all the other search terms. Over the past 12 months, globally the term "PS3" was searched for 55.6 million times every month. By comparison, Xbox 360 was searched an average of 30.4 million times every month. PS4 and Xbox 720 hardly register as a blip against the current gen consoles.

Have a look at the screenshot I took of the results. Read into it what you will but as I said, I'd be interested to see how this site came up with their results. Simply checking to see how often PS4/Xbox 720 was searched globally during the past 12 months certainly doesn't back up their claim.

Autodidactdystopia1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

it did that because googles internal results are different than that of your results.

google has been putting us in information bubbles for about 3 years now, meaning your search results are different than mine. and its not just determined by your location.

google is giving you search results that have the highest likelyhood to get you to see pages with their adsense installed. personalized by your attributes and your tendancy to look at certain types of pages.

google is an information beast and its scary how much information they have on the general public just from interpolation.

so in short your google search results are provided by algorithms that are personalized by what it thinks are your interests and it never asks if you want to see outside your bubble.

Best described in its entirety here:

ChrisGTR11957d ago

ehhh judging by my 3+ RROD this gen , MS can go to hell with the 720.

Gawdl3y1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Did you even pay attention to the screenshot? Those aren't personalized search results, those are the statistics provided by Google Analytics/AdWords.

Ezz20131957d ago


atleast look at the screenshot

5eriously1957d ago

["google is giving you search results that have the highest likelyhood to get you to see pages with their adsense installed. personalized by your attributes and your tendancy to look at certain types of pages.

Does that means that the article originator's results was biased by Google based on his own habits? Interesting fact!

nukeitall1957d ago

Here is the results from Google Trends:

playstation vs xbox: Xbox dominating

playstation 3 vs xbox 360: xbox again dominating

playstation 4 vs xbox 720: playstation used to dominate, but Xbox overtook (note, the next xbox is often reffered to as durango, xbox loop, xbox infinity, xbox next i.e. no clear cut like playstation 4)


Your data doesn't seem right at all, because global and local search data is the same?

Also, the next Xbox has many different names, but the Playstation is pretty specific.

Fez1957d ago

What is that GoogleAdwords image showing? It's impossible that ps4 and xbox 720 would have the same number of hits and that local and global searches would be equivalent. The results also seem very low considering the amount of owners and prospective owners of the consoles there are.

nukeitall's links are much better and the point about the naming of the nextbox will definitely skew results massively as it has many different names which could be searched.

zag1957d ago

I find it absurd that people think the 720 will be a games console.

look at the 360 right now, it's a TV settop box they have added 150 tv channels to it right now.

the 4 games for the 360 have all being released the rest are 3rd party games.

and in the last 6 months has been turned into a 5 to 10 years old gaming device with kencit

MS just turned windows OS into a phone/tablet OS, that's been an utter mess for MS and any company trying to sell a PC desktop/laptop/notebook etc.

The Winphone sales just isn't happening due to people not being interested.

Nokia isn't selling enough win phones to keep afloat.

Office has just been turned into a touch screen phone app for the desktop.

and people think MS will do the 720 as a console.

So I just don't see the 720 doing much other than probably be another win8 phone/tablet device OS that some people will attempt to call a console.

zag1957d ago

So how did this site figure out that Xbox 720 was the most popular search?

Maybe there was 1 extra search on the 720 searches in statics that usually means 99% of the world's population is only searching for that item/thing/product.

bobshi1957d ago


You are wrong.

It is nothing to do with customised results (which only AFAIK happens when you are logged in).

The data he is providing is for searches ran.

It matters not if you get websites A, B and C and the other poster gets websites D, E and F.

You _both_ would have used the same search term. That is the data here - nothing to do with how many results there were or what was in those results.

Mounce1957d ago

Lol @Autodidactdystopia for being a tinfoil hat wearer XD


jony_dols1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Who'd have guessed that the Wii would have been the best selling console of the last 5 years; back in 2006?

Who'd have guessed that the 360 would have been such a commercial success, after the original Xbox failed to make back it's R&D budget?

Who'd have guessed that Sony would gone on to develop the best selling console of all-time (PS2), back when they were in talks with Nintendo to create CD peripherals for the N64?

No one, that's who. Google are no different. Every new generation is a lottery, some falter whilst some strike gold.

callahan091957d ago


Obviously "xbox" and "xbox 360" dominate over "playstation" because very few people search for PS3 information by typing out "playstation". "xbox" gets credit for a search when "xbox 360" is searched, as well. If you wait a fair comparison, you have to compare what people actually search against. Try "ps3" instead of "playstation" or "playstation 3".

"ps3" dominates "xbox 360", just like "xbox" dominates "playstation". But "ps3" and "xbox" are almost dead even.

This isn't rocket science. You have to know what people typically type when trying to get information on those two subjects and then compare those things.

AsimLeonheart1957d ago

I completely agree with you. These search results prove nothing. Even if these statistics are true, it does not provides a reason for the searches being conducted. We can use the figures from search results for PS3 to claim that PS4 will dominate next-gen because of its increasing popularity. We can also say that PS3 was able to eliminate the sales gap between both consoles despite launching a year late so it will be popular next-gen as well. Even if the search results really do mean that XBOX 720 is more popular thought right now, we cannot predict anything until both companies reveal their consoles. Public opinion can change very quickly based on new information. Finally predicting future accurately is impossible for anybody, even Google or the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Therefore this article is only looking for hits with its headline and serves no other purpose.

sikbeta1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Anyone who thinks XBX3 will NOT dominate in America next gen is delusional, that's just too obvious

X360 -> XBX3 transition will be the same as PS1->PS2

So, in the end is going to be something like this:

XBX3 = America
Wii-U = Japan
PS4 = Europe? ... IF GT6 comes out in less than 5 years, say launch window or 2nd year after release...

Why I'm saying this? simple:

X360 "Power" = Live -> this will make people upgrade to next HW that comes with this service

"Weakness" = Japan + Places where Live service is not equal to the American one = Japan + Europe, excluding UK

Wii-U "Power" = Mario and First Parties

"Weakness" = Online Service, because it's playing catch-up with PSN which is playing catch-up with Live

PS4 "Power" = GT Brand + Uncharted + GOW + Free Online

"Weakness" = not strong market compared to the other 2, now it's catching up only with X360, but before that it was going against X360 + Wii

PSN is not the powerhouse Live is and it doesn't have the strenght to make people upgrade to the next gen system the same way Live will do for MS

PS4 will not have Backward Compatibility, meaning that ALL you Bought from the Store will not be available in your PS4, meawhile MS will make sure that your account and everything on it will be available on the XBX3

And if people think it's not an issue, BC made PS2 an easy purchase and IF the PS3 wasn't $600, it could have done the same for that console, a PS4 missing PS2+PS3 games will be as LAME as people with PSP UMDs that can't be played in the Vita...

ZombieNinjaPanda1957d ago


Don't be an idiot. There is no tinfoil hat bull with what Autodidactdystopia is saying. Google is collecting data on everyone. It happens automatically. That's how google's servers work. Why do you think ads come up based upon what you recently viewed or searched?

The thing here is that google doesn't collect specific information. They don't give a damn about your personal lives. They want the overall information of what everyone is searching to apply it to trends etc. Think of it as you taking a survey that you're not aware of taking.

Crazyglues1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ Autodidactdystopia

that was an awesome video... I have often felt that search results are filtered, but this explained it in an amazing way...


As far as on this topic, I don't know if the results of the search on PS4 and 720 are accurate or not, -but to me it doesn't matter because I will base my decision off of what I see when they present the systems...

As I'm sure most people will do the same.. Nothing will sell the systems better then showing something amazing..

Searching for info on a system that's not even out and has an real info out to base a buying decision on, is the silliest way of telling which one will sell more...

(there is no real way to tell at this point) -Not until we actually see something.


SilentNegotiator1957d ago

Google can't predict ANY of the important factors; price, hardware, games, etc.

Reported article as lame.

SolidStoner1956d ago

I just imagined Sony's response to this!


lol - "try me!"

X-Factor1956d ago

Did you filter by category, "Games Console"?

Your findings were correct, but it's in how you search. Junk in, Junk out. To properly gather data from any of Google's tools, you have to know how to use Google.

For example some people do not know that under the Local column, the results mean U.S. And global means global.

There are so many nuances to using Google's information.

This is too why so many sites fail with their SEO. They are not targeting correctly because of faulty searches.

Aside from that. Your finding are correct. But check again and filter by Video games Console or something similar.

PS4 does not always stand for Playstation 4. PS4 could be part of a serial number, book index, cart part #. The list goes on and on.

The site just provides the findings and adds commentary. Findings that were researched over a couple of weeks and graphs that depicted as accurately and as PLAINLY the results.

raytraceme1956d ago

First of all GOOGLE said NOTHING. Also if rumors are true google tv might come with the ps4 which would be a big blow to Microsoft. Why are xbox fanboys happy about this? Do they want MS to have a monopoly on core gamers? Microsoft acts like a monopoly when it comes to the xbox already arrogantly developing the same ip's for the past 3 years. Now wonder how many they will make if they were a monopoly?

Kevin ButIer1956d ago

"Will Crush" come on, gtfo with your flamebait article. I wont denny it'll be a close competition... but will crush... just no

1956d ago
rainslacker1956d ago

Research makes my brain hurt...the site gave us a pretty graph without any real information which is much more user friendly in today's fast paced world of instant mac and cheese and hour long trips to starbucks...don't you know how to be a journalist today?

feraldrgn1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


Honestly, I don't know many people who use the full word "playstation" for their searches anymore.

or for "Xbox360" without the gap:

I know the 2nd link is probably unrealistic, since it just comes naturally to put a gap inbetween the "x" & "3".
Kind of shows how results can be skewed.
----------------------------- -------------------
As for the PS4 & Xbox 720, here are the results:

I wouldn't call that a massive gap, but yeah it looks like 720 had more searches apart from 2011.

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NeverEnding19891957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I don't see how any level headed indivdual could believe otherwise. I mean, it's a really tough sell.

In 2005 the Xbox was a non-factor, now it has unseated the Playstation for brand recognition. The emergence of Microsoft in the console race, going from zero to hero, and Sony's fall from dominance indicate that next gen we'll see the gap between the two increase.

Not to mention Sony's troubling financial situation. Sorry, I don't care how good Uncharted 4 is, if Sony can't keep their credit rating out of the current "junk" status that this isn't a company I want to invest $500 into.

A better article would be, "Will PS4 be Sony's last console?"

DarkZane1957d ago

Microsoft didn't go from zero to hero. PS3 and 360 are tied in sales, which means the PS3 is ending up in second place while Microsoft is gonna be last once again.

scofios1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


In 2005 the Xbox was a non-factor, now it has unseated the Playstation for brand recognition.

Yes maybe in the states but here in Europe (except the UK) nobody cares for the Xbox. Playstation is still king in europe.
Plus people are not that stupid here in europe to buy a console that dies on you(RROD)and still buy another one, and paying 50 euro to play online when everybody else let you play for free (psn,nintendo, pc).
The only thing that sels an xbox in europe and i think every where else is the fact that it is very easy to hake like the ps2 at the time.
Plus next gen they will have more competition from valve when they release their console steam.

strifeblade1957d ago

@ DarkZane

Yes microsoft did go from zero to hero.
the ps2 had 150 million units sold last gen with xbox around 28 million.

this gen according to vgchartz 360 has 72.3 million units while ps3 has 70.3 million units. the fact that msoft minimally tied sony let alone is beating them in sales as of now is extraordinary. dont even mention nintendo- they have 100 million units sold with the wii- very impressive considering gamecube sold only around 20 million last gen.

ultimately in sales i dont see ps3 or xbox 360 having a major advantage over one another- ill call it a tie, but to be 100% honest xbox improved- nintendo improved- sony did not improve coming from the persective ps2 has 150 million units sold. the ps3 is dissapointing terms of success when compared to ps2.

im sorry but its the truth- sony no longer dominates the market like it once did. it has great exclusives and games- but in terms of business they have to do better

Ezz20131957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


****this gen according to vgchartz 360 has 72.3 million units while ps3 has 70.3 million units.****
you lost every credibility when talked about numbers from vgchartes

from both sony and ms :.
PS3 hits 70m to go neck-and-neck with Xbox 360

by vgchartes logic (if they had any)
since they tied in sales
ps3 didn't sell one single console
while xbox sold 3m world wide ?!lol WTF is going on in that site

if there is any one can believe vgchartes ... then he's just a tool or dumb

should i trust Vgchartes
should i trust the owners them self ?!
hmmmmmmmm... tough question;)

5eriously1957d ago


Lets wait and see the "end of life" sales figures of the PS3 against the Xbox360 (wink, wink). Going by the PS2 strength (which is still going) you are in for even an bigger surprise son.

zag1957d ago

You really would have to remove all the RROD send backs as these end up getting fixed up and sent back out.

Which MS calls a sale, which in the real world isn't a sale at all.

at best MS probably only has around 40 to 50 million consoles at people's home around the world the rest will be in dumps and warehouses waiting for something to be done to them.

MS just had it's first reported non profit this year, in other words MS in 2012 didn't make any money and lost money overall for the year.

In Australia the stores used to push the 360 now they push the ps3 because it's the only console that is selling and has plenty of new games coming out all the time.

In fact the PS3 part is the largest out of all the sections in the eb game stores.

joeorc1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"In 2005 the Xbox was a non-factor, now it has unseated the Playstation for brand recognition. The emergence of Microsoft in the console race, going from zero to hero, and Sony's fall from dominance indicate that next gen we'll see the gap between the two increase."

I love this, you just let it slip your mind about market share is not just "one system" vs ONE SYSTEM BEING THE ONLY INDICATION OF MARKET SHARE!

Go into any store, and lets see who has more product @ retail to sell, both Nintendo and Sony have more than one freaking game system in the retail channel. but market share is only counted for a one console market share is only the market share that counts? could it be because Microsoft only has, ummm lets see the one freaking console?


the market share is thus

Nintendo is 1st with 7 systems in the retail chain.

Sony is 2nd with 4 systems in the retail chain

Microsoft has 1 system in the retail chain.

yea Microsoft's one single system "excluding all other 3 more Playstation systems aside from the PS3 has made sure Microsoft has more Market share in the market if you exclude all other playstation systems in the retail chan and choose to ignore and not count them in total to determine platforms market share!

here is an idea lets just discount Nintendo's 6 other systems also and only count the Wii being the only system = that determines Nintendo's Market share vs's Microsoft's market share.

like lets discount all other Android Handset's except for Samsung's to determine Microsoft's OS market share for Windows Phone in smartphones!

LMAO get out of here with that claim, Microsoft's unseated Sony for market share, hey Microsoft have a dedicated game handheld ?

that would be a NO!

look no one could say that Microsoft's xbox360 has not increased the xbox "platform" in the market or how Microsoft has grown the platforms market share, but do not sit there and say they unseated a platforms marketshare with only one system when you are not counting all the other systems that a platform holder offer's in the same market. Microsoft will have a 2nd system on the market when the next xbox releases, the thing to wonder about is how well will Microsoft be able to support yet another xbox on the retail chain with the xbox360 also being in the chain, and if the install base will keep supporting the xbox360, or with those very same people move on and not really buy xbox360 software because its not the newest uptodate xbox?

that's a question Sony and Nintendo both have already answered already Microsoft has yet to answer that in this market.

2v11957d ago

i think sony has 9 billion save dont remember wher i read that but think was here..

Alderney1956d ago

Xbox 360 and PS3 are tied in sales. This is a HUGE victory for Microsoft.

The original Xbox was barely a blip in the 6th generation of consoles, while the PS2 and PS1 were kings. This gen, Microsoft has destroyed the dominance of the Playstation brand (Sony did it to themselves, arguably).

Let's face the facts: the Xbox 360 finishing tied with PS3 at the end of this gen would be a MASSIVE victory for Microsoft. Hell, if the PS3 sells only 10 million more consoles, that would still be a victory for Microsoft.

Going into next gen, Microsoft will be looking to continue what they did with the Xbox 360 while Sony will be looking to forget about the PS3, find out where they went wrong, and look back at their successes with PS1 and PS2.

deafdani1956d ago

Way to generalize. Under that logic, Nintendo would've NEVER been able to outperform Sony on this generation of consoles, sales wise, because Sony absolutely destroyed everything for 10 straight years, with the PS1 and PS2 (even being a big factor in the Dreamcast's demise in the process).

Then they released the PS3, and Nintendo the Wii... and Wii has actually sold more than 30 million more units than the PS3, and ALWAYS at a profit.

Understand this: the console market is incredibly turbulent, and there's absolutely no way to predict what will happen on the next generation of consoles, less so if we don't even know anything about what Sony and Microsoft will do for their next machines in terms of power, pricing, games, and marketing strategy. Heck, it's too early to try and make predictions even about the Wii U, despite it being already out on the market.

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zeddy1957d ago

New Xbox will crush ps4 in America. Europe and japan not so sure. I bet ps4 has better release titles though.

IAMERROR1957d ago

And if it said Ps4 will crush 720 I bet I'll see a bunch of comments like "GOOGLE KNOWS THEIR SHIT" lol! You know it's true.

xtreampro1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Your choice will probably be based on what Sony tells you to choose am I right? of course I'm right!

I wound't expect any better from you


DeadlyFire1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Only reason there is more search interest in X720 is due to the fact that X720 leaked crap has spilled out everywhere. People are going to look at it either way even if they don't buy the console.

I myself am a bit of a Sony fan. Xbox is also in the house, but its more of a on the side game here and there of Halo than anything else. I don't enjoy fixing my Xbox 360. I hope 720 doesn't have the same problem. For me Sony looks like a better choice for next generation.

andibandit1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

No worries, id rather fix a xbox than having to cancel my credit card and be afraid of using the new one with sony . No way im gonna do extra steps buying psn card LMAO

DeadlyFire1956d ago

You think Microsoft is unhackable? You are wrong if so. There have been attempts at hacking all of the consoles, STEAM, Origin, and every other sales service that exists that could store financial information since someone discovered it was possible.

If anything a break in would make security tighter.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

ps4 day 1. Why? free online, great online service now, gaikai, core games & risky new Ip's.. simple.

Basic gamer needs imo.

Power won't be the major factor between 720 & ps4. If MS keeps relying on third party no one will squeeze out all the power.

They have some of the top nerds.

Sony even make great pc games like planetside 2 and I am enjoying it. That is one good games company imo.

Worldwide if they can catch up to MS after being a year behind they will be fine with a good head to head launch.

That is a lot of people to throw another halo at.


YodaCracker1957d ago

Exactly! And COD sells the most! You're countering your own argument now.

CalvinKlein1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

the next xbox will be alot mroe powerfull and will sell alot more as long as it doesnt have reliability issues like 360. Ill get them both but more people will buy xbox for sure.

avengers19781957d ago

Um when did Google become a voice for gaming.

TAURUS-5551956d ago

google is a clown

ps3 was the best of its generation and so will the ps4 ¡¡¡

subtenko1956d ago

Also just because there are more searches for xbox720 vs ps4 doesnt mean xbox720 will crush ps4. Justine Biebers music video has like 600,000,000 views on youtube so do you all think its better and crushed the portal 2 music videos? Guess so according to this site,lol. (I dont agree with the site)

akechi_mitsuhide1956d ago

This article is the obvious work of a dumbass, overly excited, pubertic xbox fanboy. In that case if they made a system called "porn" or "election 2012" it would have been the biggest system. Algorithm my ass.

xtremeimport1956d ago


TBONEJF1956d ago

And why would Google predict the next xbox would win against the PS4 when M$ keeps suing Android in the court room

Enemy1956d ago

With what 1st party developers? Are 343 going to develop all their games?

showtimefolks1956d ago

Ok so with a full year ahead start and a console which was cheaper in price and in quality than ps3 and a easier console to develop for than ps3 couldn't crush ps3 so why would next Xbox crush ps4?

Let's not forget MS is gonna suffer some consequences for going all casual in last 2-3 years with kinect in everything. First 3-4 years at every E3 MS use to beat their chest saying we are the system for core games than when they saw wii succeeding with casual market they totally forgot about us. The core gamers who had their backs since day one

Xbox is a perfect console for FPS mainly COD and COD brand is slowing down.

What's else?

I believe if ps4 and xbox720 launch at the same day that ps4 will outsell it from day one, maybe not in the states but rest of the world

Unless MS buys epic than sooner or later epic will only make multiplatform games than gears is also lost. Epic owns the rights to Gears of war

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1957d ago Replies(1)
VanguardOfCalamity1957d ago

Did the machines take over when I wasn't lookin.. wth

(I'll probably buy both)

Rockubot1957d ago

I hope it does. All the way Xbox 720.

guitarded771957d ago

Why do you hope it does? Do you have Microsoft stock? That's the only reason you should give a ____. I'm a gamer I want both to succeed and do well so I can have more great gaming experiences. You must not be a gamer.

ILive1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I too want both consoles to succeed. What I want more, however, is for MS to stop charging for live come next gen. The console that caters more to the core than casual is the one I would like to see succeed more.

The reason I believe people google the 720 more is because the rumors present the system to be the most powerful. Also, with Sony's current financial situation, most people might think that the PS4 will be gimped or that it might not even see existence. The most obvious reason though is the fact that rumors for the 720 started flowing in first.

ALLWRONG1957d ago

How ironic for you say that guitarded77

DigitalRaptor1957d ago


How is that ironic?

ZombieNinjaPanda1957d ago


Because judging by the main page, if Rockubot said the same thing about the PS4 he would have 66 agrees and the others would be praising/agreeing with him.

Such a circle jerk on here.

guitarded771956d ago


Yeah, what are you getting at? If you're implying that I'm a fanboy of any platform in particular you really don't know me. I game on every platform and like things about all of them, and I am critical of all of them when they do something wrong. Don't confuse being honestly critical with fanboy zeal. If you're never critical, you're just a sheep.

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k-dillinger1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

i dont see how it only really sells in america unless they give them away for free and count that as a sell which i could see m$ doing just to say they beat sony but sony has surpassed them this gen far as sales so i don't see how they stand a snowballs chance in hell now with sony releasing 1st

strifeblade1957d ago

sony did not surpass them in sales so far. According to vgchartz msoft has 72.3 million units sold, ps3 has 70.3 million.

pretty ignorant of you to spout false info without backing up your claim.

Adva1957d ago

What a moron. Quoting Vgchartz for sales data. This ain't 2005 where Vgchartz is suppose to be reliable. Time and time again it has been proven that they over track Xbox numbers and under track PS3 numbers. A handful of times they retract their figures once official Microsoft and Sony numbers are out.

chriski3331957d ago

yea google u may know alot of stuff but i will decide which console will win for me