Dark Souls 2 Petition Reaches 11000

There has been a lot of rage over the fact that Namco Bandai announced they would be skipping the Wii U for their upcoming game, Dark Souls 2.

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ForgottenProphecy2041d ago

As long as something gimmicky isn't shoved into the game to support the Wii U game pad, I'm fine with it.

iWishTifaWasReal2041d ago

u never know, they might include Mario in the game if this happens ;D

360ICE2041d ago

How often does Nintendo let someone kid around with Mario? Like one or two times each century?

BiggCMan2041d ago

Black Phantom "Jumpman Mario" has invaded. Prepare to be Goomba'd

pixelsword2041d ago

The phantom is in another castle

Mounce2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Jars to heal your health no longer exist. Instead it's Mushrooms and if you want more souls you'll have to eat green mushrooms.

Sticky White Stuff will forever be included.

AsimLeonheart2041d ago

LOL! That will surely get Nintendo fans to buy it in droves.
Jokes aside,third party games do not perform well on Nintendo consoles. That has been a fact for more than a decade. Third parties always regret releasing exclusive games for Nintendo console and have to release them later for Playstation. For example, Resident Evil 4, No more Heroes, Tales of Graces, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and many more. Multiplatform do not perform well too because Nintendo console owners are only interested in Marios and Zeldas. That is why it is highly likely that Namco Bandai and other developers will not bother with Wii U, especially with that tablet controller.

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Pushagree2041d ago

A Wii U port will never happen. Not only is this game far too hardcore, but it is also way too dark and gritty for Nintendo's base. It would be the worst marketing decision ever to put a game like that on a Nintendo console.

BiggCMan2041d ago

You know a fair amount of Resident Evil games are on Gamecube and Wii combined... There is also Madworld on the Wii, House of the Dead...Everyone acts like the only games on Nintendo consoles are all happy go-lucky.

Pushagree2041d ago

Madword, House of the Dead, No More Heroes, and Manhunt 2 all sold terribly on the Wii for reasons I mentioned already. Nintendo has always marketed to the casual family audience (green blood, anyone?) and they won't buy anything that doesn't seem family friendly or unaccessible for thier children. That's why M rated games always fail on nintendo consoles and they can't get serious adult game companies to back them.

TheDivine2041d ago

Too hardcore? Have you played some of the nes and snes games? Kid Icarus Uprising is hard as shit, F-zero is one of the most hardcore racers, theres tons of super hard games on Nin systems. Dark games have plenty also.

pixelsword2041d ago

I don't think it's not about it being appropriate or not, I think it may be something related to the hardware, like it being too new for them to figure out; they might actually have plans, but will release it later. When people say they will release it later, people have fits. Whey they say they won't and then will later, it sells like Mass Effect or Final Fantasy.

shadowraiden2041d ago

i love how everybody treats nintendo as a family company now after 1 console.

nintendo was the go to game company for 20 years for hardcore gamers it was only the Wii that changed it and even then i dont think it was nintendo's initial thought process they just wanted to innovate how gamers played video games.

does that mean sony are a family company since ive seen more family centric games on ps1/ps2 then any other console combined oh wait it doesnt so take that bullshit elsewhere.

dark souls 2 would be nice if it was developed on all platforms but either way ill be buying the pc port since that will actually handle 60 fps with 1080p graphics compared to consoles.

DeadlyFire2041d ago

You are forgetting the fact that the WiiU like the PC, X360, PS3, Wii, and so on. Is just a platform for the games to come too. Who buys games for it is ultimately up to the consumer. WiiU is Nintendo's aim to get that audience back on its console and keep it this time.

The more people that come to play a system the more diversified interests of individuals become.

Instigator2041d ago

"Madword, House of the Dead, No More Heroes, and Manhunt 2 all sold terribly on the Wii for reasons I mentioned already."

Let's look at the numbers, shall we?

Madworld: 700K sold, right behind PG's 360 version of Bayonetta.

Manhunt 2: The first game sold 1.3 million copies on PS2 and 200K on Xbox. The second game sold 300K on PSP, 520K on Wii and 560K on PS2. Hardly an argument for a game doing exceptionally bad on Wii.

No More Heroes: The first game is regarded as Suda's best selling game at 520K on Wii, while the PS3 port only sold 150K. Now, this is one of those games people bitched and moaned about being released on Wii, claiming that it would do so much better on the HD consoles yet failed to support when it did happen.

House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns: Consider the fact that HotD 1-3 sold well enough with a total of 780K on Dreamcast and Xbox to warrant a remake/sequel, and then look at 2 & 3 Returns' 1.4 million copies sold on Wii.

House of the Dead Overkill: 800K on Wii vs. 300K on PS3, and another one of those games that "just didn't make sense on Wii" instead of the "grown-up" consoles.

Riddle me this: If these games "sold terribly" on Wii, then how are they, or similar experiences, justified on other platforms?

kesvalk2041d ago

hey, super metroid is on the door, it wants to have a little conversation about that "dark and gritty" thing.

Roccetarius2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

A Wii U game should not happen at this point. It would be fine if they perfect initial platforms first, then release it afterwards.

Developing for a new platform will only have a negative outcome for the current ones. Especially since From Software has more limited resources.

Also, the reasons listed on the petition is incredibly stupid.

HorrorGod2041d ago

"Eternal Darkness" was a pretty dark and f'd up game. A lot of people I grew up with still say that was one of, if not their #1 favorite game on the Nintendo GameCube.

MazzingerZ2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Metroid Prime is so awesome, a real gaming experience like playing a MGS game or Halo:CE.

Why to bash the Wii U?, it gives great gaming moments to new generations like adults as well, many of that demographic if fotgotten on PS3/X360

Thank god new generations can still enjoy of smart and well designed games like Mario and Zelda.

If you are a gamer you let Nintendo alone, you don't need to still adore it but at least just let them do their stuff just for respect for those great memories with the NES, SNES, etc.

If you are a Nintendo fan and want Nintendo to release a PS4 or X720 you might as well get one of those instead and accept that Nintendo is Nintendo and the magic resides in gaming design and feel-good gaming moments.

AsimLeonheart2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )


I hope you realize that all those games you mentioned failed commercially or performed modestly at best. Third party games do not perform well on Nintendo consoles. That has been a fact for more than a decade. Third parties always regret releasing exclusive games for Nintendo console and have to release them later for Playstation. For example, Resident Evil 4, No more Heroes, Tales of Graces, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and many more. Nintendo console owners are only interested in Marios and Zeldas. That is why it is highly likely that developers will not bother with Wii U, especially with that tablet controller.

MasterCratosKong662040d ago

"Not only is this game far too hardcore, but it is also way too dark and gritty for Nintendo's base."

File this under things that are wrong with some consumers in this industry

ThanatosDMC2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )


Resident Evil is from Capcom... I hope you know we're talking about different publishers here.

Kid Icarus was hard... and wow.

TheBardsSong2040d ago

Instigator: 1
Pushagree: 0

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corrus2041d ago

Dark Souls II Rainbow Edition soon for Wii U

SilentNegotiator2041d ago

Considering all of the big games skipping out on the Wii U, fans better get to making a LOT of petitions. And they're definitely going to need more than 11K to get anyone's attention.

extermin8or2041d ago

@Mounce oh god lol Sticky White stuff cracked me up on Demons Souls when i first found some I was like "Wtf... is this... what does it do... oooh sticky white stuff sets my sword on fire" and yes im aware that sounds dodgy ;)

Axecution2040d ago

They're just gonna release it for WiiU later in 720p with like all touch screen controls for no reason xD

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Hatsune-Miku2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Wii u is weak, as a casual gamer reputation, appeal mostly to kids and doesnt have a big enough install base for a lot of developers to be interested in putting certain games on it. There are a lot of third party games announced that won't be coming to the Wii u because of a few reasons I mentioned. Why did these people bought a Wii u? I thought power doesn't matter. They should have been content with the Wii. The game is coming out on more powerful xbox 360 and ps3 with a bigger install base with gamers that knows they are hardcore gamers so the game will sell on those systems.

I can't wait for the ps4

ForgottenProphecy2041d ago

You're the type of person that makes up PS/Xbox fans look bad. The Wii U may have had a weak launch line up, but hardcore games like Zelda and Smash Bros, along with New IP's, are coming. Don't forget that the PS3 didn't get any noteworthy titles until 2009 (Resistance aside). I don't own an Xbox, so I won't give my opinion on that.

They only thing I agree with that you said, is that the Wii U focuses on Casual gamers more, which should hinder Dark Souls II sales if it does make it to Wii U, but there are enough hardcore gamers with a Wii U to support it. Although personally, Playstation is the only way to play a Souls game, just like Metal Gear.

jimbobwahey2041d ago

The PS3 didn't get any noteworthy titles until 2009? Bwahahahaha! Put the crack pipe down you fool.

As for Dark Souls 2 on Wii U, I think that anybody who purchased the Wii U expecting third party support was being delusional. Just like the Wii, the GameCube and the N64, you buy a Nintendo console for the Nintendo exclusives. If you suddenly thought things would really be different this time round then you've got nobody to blame but yourself for disappointment at major third party releases ignoring the Wii U.

Besides, if you think it's bad now, just wait until the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles launch, at which point third party support for the Wii U will completely evaporate just like it did for the original Wii when publishers figured out that people who own Nintendo consoles only buy Nintendo games.

FanMan2041d ago

no noteworthy title until 2009? MGS4 came out in 2008 and was the reason for my purchase. MGS4 has been called one of the gems this gen but it isnt noteworthy? lol ok

GenericNameHere2041d ago

PS3 didn't get any noteworthy titles until 2009?
^not sure if serious or not.

So, you mention Metal Gear in your last sentence, then FORGET that Metal Gear Solid 4 was released exclusively on the PS3 on June 2008. What, is MGS, one of the longest franchises in gaming history that is still made today and is one of the most influential games of all, not a "noteworthy" title to you or something?
Oh, and LittleBigPlanet also came out October 2008.
Both MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet came out in 2008, both were really well received critically and financially, and LittleBigPlanet was given a huge recognition for its uniqueness and creativity.

Make sure you do a little research next time you spew out BS like that.

ForgottenProphecy2041d ago

@Everybody. I could have sworn MGS4 came out in 09. Same with LBP. I guess I should just change the year to 2008.

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BlackWolf2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Tell me, how do you know about that install base? Do you run a statics company or what? Cause it seems you're a pro at this... Nah...

You fail to see one thing: Needing graphics is not the same as wanting them. All graphic whores (you included, it seems) tend to think that just because some gamers don't need better visuals, they don't want them, which is completely wrong. All gamers like good looking games. It's just that there's a group that value more the fun factor rather that the graphic factor. And there's a simple logic behind it: if the game sucks, not even the graphics can help save it.

What if they are asking for Dark Souls 2 on Wii U? They have all the right to do it. Right now even if the wii u has some flaws on the ports, the games run well enough to be played, with little graphical difference. And besides, the wii u is just too new to be compared on those terms.

It looks like you just hate the wii u. You bash this in every possible article. What happened? A Nintendo employee made you cry, and now you seek revenge as a hater? Stop being so immature (maybe I'm asking too much... O_o).

The best you can do is wait for your beloved ps4 with a pretty, well shut mouth, and stop this hateful comments. Please, even you must have some dignity, don't you?

cleft52041d ago

Well said, I don't own a WiiU yet myself but I am starting to get really tired of this pointless hatred for a game console. It is just so stupid. From now on, I am just ignoring morons that say stuff like that.

guitarded772041d ago

Why must you do this in every Wii U article? You're almost as bad a -Mika-. I think Dark Souls 2 would be awesome on Wii U, the gamepad would help with getting to items since you can't pause the game. Here, do something productive today... sign the Wii U trophy/achievement petition... maybe we can get to 11,000 on it too.

vallencer2041d ago

Do you ever stop on your "lets hate on everything that isn't Sony" crusade?? I feel like you could spend your time in better places.

animegamingnerd2041d ago

sony isn't that good with launches either look the vita and PS3

chadboban2041d ago

Most real "hardcore"(god I hate that word and the way it's used these days) gamers have multiple systems and don't stick to just one particular company.

Most real gamers don't come to articles to make childish rants all the damn time. Grow the hell up man(girl?)!

OccludedGamer2041d ago

Actually 2007 was when the PS3 started shelling out *noteworthy* games. Which ironically only has value in the eye of the beholder so its an opinion and nothing more.

Regardless, the Wii-U is the first system of the next gen, lets not talk power lets talk timelines. Being the first entry it's taking baby steps while PS3/360 have a massive install base, something they won't have for their new systems at the start either. So hence the install base.

One question for everyone moaning about the console. What makes you a better judge of what will and won't fail than the heads of Nintendo or the devs that are already slaving away on the new system? I really would value their opinion over anyone at N4G personally.

Im sure you will find sources of devs saying its weak to use as a comeback, but I suppose we will overlook that these are devs who ask for 32gb of ram or cant make a game that can stay at 30fps on a top end PC.

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CalvinKlein2041d ago

I didnt know there would be a dark souls 2, thats pretty cool. But im guessing its going to be on ps3 and 360 and that makes me sad. I have them both but Id like it to come out on the new systems to see what they can do with more power AND have an awesome launch window game.
I understand why they do it on ps3/360 but it could easily surpass the sales of dark souls with a small install base by it being the best early game for a new console. It would benefit from a bigger spotlight as an early game for new systems.

DonMingos2041d ago

I only have a PS3/PC combo and I don't plan to buy a wiiU. But I will sign this petition as i feel most wiiU gamers would apreciate this game. Why allianate just one console gamers?

YoungPlex2041d ago

I've been saying that a Wii U version of Dark Souls would be phenomenal! A game like Dark Souls requires so much inventory diving while blocking the entire screen and not pausing, making it a difficult task to complete. The Wii U's special features eliminates the need to find dark and lonely corners just to change your armor or weapons. Obviously From Software doesn't believe in pausing the game which is fine, but having hot-keys and a full inventory at your disposal without blocking your view, is perfect in my eyes. Plus, maybe From Software can allow us to use the Gamepad the way COD does and allow us to play local/online multiplayer with friends, on two different screens, at the same time. This feature alone would make me get it!

VsAssassin2041d ago

This is a neat idea. I don't have a Wii-U but I plan on getting one when HD Zelda comes out. However, though I get what you're saying that the Gamepad will solve the cluttered screen issue when rummaging through your inventory, wouldn't it be more dangerous to look at your Gamepad and away from the screen whenever you access our inventory?

grahf2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Then you're missing the point about WHY the menu is so obstructive:
You're never safe.
If they wanted to they could have made a smaller menu, or allowed a pause so you could sit and eat 99 potatos (a la Skyrim)... it was a blatant design decision.
Pardon the shouting, but "making it a difficult task to complete" WAS THE INTENT!!!

And you had hot keys. You could switch between equipped Weapon 1 & Weapon 2. Item 1-5 could also be set up and changed.

I'd be fine with the inventory in the Wii U 2nd screen, you're taking your attention off the main screen. You're still vulnerable.

Its not happening though. Every post with wish lists & ideas are just theorycrafting & the gamers version of Fan Fiction.

smashcrashbash2041d ago

You know that is the one thing I don't get when people talk about the Wii U? Now stop me if I am wrong but how is having the inventory screen or menu on the pad better? You still have to look away from the game to look at the pad so how is that any different then pausing the game or doing anything else on the main screen? Even if your inventory is on the pad in Dark Souls you still have to find a safe place to be able to look at the pad and access the inventory. If I was playing a game normally I would just have to look at the screen and bring up the inventory in a game but how is looking away from the game to access an inventory better? Even if it isn't filling up the screen you aren't looking at the main screen anyway so what does it matter? I could have just as easily accessed the inventory with a controller while looking at the main screen. The menu may not be blocking your view but you are not doing anything anyway.If I was playing RE4 for instance and the suitcase was on the pad I would still have to pause the game to access it.And even if I didn't I still would have to make sure there were no zombies around before I looked at the pad in my hand. So what is the difference?

christheredhead2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

One of huge reasons for me wanting the Wii U was because of the possibility with the pad, inventory/menu management being a big part of that. The whole idea would be that you would never have to pause and bring up secondary screens. Yes, you would have to look down at the screen or bring the pad up to see it, but think if something like Skyrim or Fallout had this feature on Wii U. Your inventory and menus would always be available to you when you need them. It would make things so much easier and uniform for RPGs.

Look at Fallout, the gamepad could essentially be your pip boy that's always on. To switch guns, no more pausing and waiting for the pip boy to pull up on screen. Just tap the gun and keep playing or swipe between the menu options to find what you need.

Even Skyrim would be pretty sweet. If you wanted to look at your new armor, just tap the screen and spin it 360 degrees with the touch of a finger. Or you could essentially hot key all your magic spells to the pad without having to bring up that horrid quick select. I really hate that setup in Skyrim. Overall though its generally the same concept. No need to enter or exit inventory screens, maps or menus.

I mean, you can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome. I'd say leave standard options available, but allow full pad functionally, for someone like myself, who really wants it.

MEsoJD2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

The thing I don't like about the gamepad is having to look away from the screen. This really became evident when I tried zombieU. I don't think you'll see a Dark Souls port anytime soon. Just like other game companies who haven't ported games over yet, they wont budge until they are confident that the system has a stable user base. The wii was a disaster for third parties, even the ones that tried to make quality games for the system.

grahf2041d ago

Again, as in ZombieU its a design decision to intentionally make you vulnerable. With hordes of zombies breathing down your neck, immersion is DESTROYED the second you can pause the game, organize your bags, etc.

Skyrim is my go-to to explain this. Granted, the inventory is ENORMOUS, but say you're in the middle of an epic battle with an elder dragon. You're hurt, so you PAUSE THE GAME and you proceed to quaff 25 potions and eat 67 bowls of cabbage stew, all while the dragon sits and waits patiently for you to be done.

DivineAssault 2041d ago

This is an uphill battle u face.. The PC petitions reached over 66k so if wii u keeps it up, it might MIGHT happen.. I doubt all the signers will buy the game but it would fit nicely & i would consider it if it gets accomplishments, improved UI, & graphical face lift.. If not, its going with the rest on PS3 where it originated.. I still would love to see nintendo gain ground with core games & publisher support

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jc485732041d ago

they got monster hunter. aren't they happy with that?

GenericNameHere2041d ago

There should be a petition to bring Monster Hunter 4 to the Vita. That would give it the huge sales boost it definitely needs.