Rockstar Wants to Put All Grand Theft Auto Cities in One Game

Player could “fly between them and revisit their favorite areas.”

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CaptainYesterday1597d ago

I've wanted this for so long now! Maybe Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a new city and being able to go to previous cities, I want to see how much Vice City has changed.

Jinkies1597d ago

I'd rather they keep this idea for GTA 7, let GTA 6 test out next gen tec and then when they've got the hang of it then do this.

The next game should obviously be set in Vice City and a good way to prepare for this idea is to make it so, like Just Cause 2, theres more islands then Vice City. Since there was only two islands it would be good if you could fly to other small islands/cities around the map and then at the bottom of the screen have a huge main land with a country side etc. Hell they could even add some bridges in since it would be set in modern times now and lot would have been done to Vice City.

CaptainYesterday1597d ago

You have a point hopefully GTA6 is set in Vice City that would great :)

MizTv1596d ago

I think vice city is the best gta game

SolidStoner1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

we have to look at GTA5 first, then think about next city... vice city would be awesome, but we all know that the best GTA is San Andreas and it had 3 cities.. as far as I know GTA5 will have 1 big city and some tiny towns and forests. lonesome roads etc. And I think its set in LA, Hollywood... it means it will not have Las Vegas... I remember las vegas was the best part of SA for me..

thorstein1596d ago

Better yet, Use Google Earth and have the entire globe playable. How awesome would it be to come to my own house and steal my own car.... lulz. Then drive around my city and do missions (random mission generator?)

1596d ago
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-GametimeUK-1596d ago

Its a shame that the new cities are set in a different universe. I would love to fly around old SA, VC and LC on one huge game. I liked how on SA you went back to LC for a mission. Pretty damn cool :-)

RedDeadLB1596d ago

Yeah, that mission in SA made me happy as hell. I wish they would implement this idea in the future. It's perfect.

solidt121596d ago

Dang! I need to beat San Andreas. I didn't even know there was a mission in Liberty City.

KwietStorm1596d ago

I think the only problem is the old maps aren't huge anymore. They kinda have to be in a different 'universe' to keep up to date with the gameplay and expectations.

TopDudeMan1596d ago

They already did that. Remember GTA 1?

RandomGamer1596d ago

OMG this would be pure win, I to have always wanted this, in fact this is one of my dream games if it came true.

jammy_701596d ago

No I don't want to visit old cities, give us new cities!!

dreamoner1596d ago

Yep and those new cities should be outside of north america... a game which combines some great cities in europe maybe.

brodychet1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Oh man, just imagine the ways of travel. Travelling by train, Car (of course), Boat, Plane. But maybe you could drive to an airport in the game and board an AI plane.

But then if you try to shoot-up the airport, you just get destroyed by the army immediately XD

Shane Kim1596d ago

Maybe travel by teleportation?

DarkBlood1596d ago

how about flying cars? :P

bloodybutcher1595d ago

or maybe a flying submarine car that teleports?

showtimefolks1595d ago

Than bring back CJ and other memorable characters from all GTA games.

Oh what the heck give us a HD collection

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Septic1596d ago


APB tried and ultimately failed but it could be done so well!

Imagine the possiblities!

* Massive GANG (clan) wars
* Cops vs Robbers
* A gaming world with its own economy
* Modified cars/vans/bikes or private jets for the few good players
* Gangs with their own story archs
* San Andreas style player customisation


GamingManiac1596d ago

Only something R* could pull off...

MysticStrummer1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Who the hell disagreed with you? Man N4G is amazing. They don't make gamers like they used to. The modern gamer bitches when games evolve and bitches when they don't.

There are so many mob families and gangs in GTA, it would be great to let players join them and base the multiplayer on conflicts between them, fighting over things like the diamonds in GTA4. One group who controls the docks could have missions to bring them into the city, then one or more groups would be interested in buying or stealing them, then another player faction could be cops and/or feds who try to stop it all, then a faction within the law enforcement group could be crooked cops who have their own plans for those diamonds. Then you have the group who steals cars for a living, and the group who races illegally, along with places where players could gather to gamble or play other games together, all in a setting with multiple cities in play simultaneously.

So many possibilities. Sounds awesome to me.

StreetsofRage1596d ago

Yeah this could be the MMO that would rival and maybe surpass WOW.

OneAboveAll1596d ago

HA... no.

If free roam is anything to go by a whole world with thousands of douche bags running around causing chaos is NOT going to work.

Shacojin1596d ago

It might if they implement a good law enforcement system

rainslacker1596d ago

LOL. How is that different than say WOW. Lots of douche bags run around in it and cause chaos. If it's made a central part of the actual game play then it could actually be fun. It's all about constraints and perspective. If the purpose is to cause chaos, then that sounds like a winner to me.

coolmaster1596d ago

like they say, shutupandtakemymoney.

csreynolds1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Rockstar also said, in the same interview, "Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the setting. Miami in the 1980’s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period” - in other words, they would unlikely merge Vice City with other, contemporary GTA cites.

As such, it would seem your article title is not accurate, but then I suppose that's what can be expected from some of today's videogames 'journalists'... *sighs*

kurochi1596d ago

dude... Miami in the 90's.....
Two words: Vanilla Ice.......

solidt121596d ago

Luke and Trick Daddy was poppin in the 90"s too. "I wanna rock" "Doo Doo Brown!"

csreynolds1593d ago

"Alright stop! Collaborate and listen..."


QuodEratDemonstrandm1595d ago

Video game journalism: where dreams of a writing career go to die.

TheModernKamikaze1596d ago

You can play it right now!
Know what its called?
Grand Theft Auto (1).