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This gaming generation is just now hitting its graphical peak

The current generation stretches back as far as 2005 and did not really enter into what gamers were expecting graphically until 2008. Games likes Metal Gear Solid 4, Gears of War, and Resident Evil 5 helped push graphic realism to its players. A few years later, games such as Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, and Gran Turismo 5 really blew players away in the graphical aspect. It seemed as if the systems had hit a peak, then rumors started swirling about next generation systems, signaling the beginning of the end of this current generation. (Far Cry 3, Grand Theft Auto V, Halo 4, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Feldman9000  +   987d ago
Bioshock Infinite needs to be included in this as well.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   986d ago
Crysis 3 too.
Bigpappy  +   987d ago
Xbox720 will be at E3. May even be shown at CES, but definitely E3 2013.
Blackdeath_663  +   987d ago
games are looking better because devs have come up with creative ways of displaying their game not because ps3/xbox still haven't reached their full potential. the lighting affects in thelastofus for example all comes from natural light and so they had to play with the lighting system to make it look good. halo4 has some amazing scenes going on in the background with massive structures and planets coming from the sky. creativity is what is making games look better you can really tell which developers are capable of using the resources that they have to create a great game rather than wait it out for next gen
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   986d ago
Agreed Halo 4 did look amazing and was running in 720P. I will say as amazing Halo 4 looks the framerate doesn't hold steady at times. Playing Spartan Ops with others turned out to be really laggy in spots.

Now Come next gen Halo 5 I dunno if I can see the graphics looking night and day. Will have greater draw distance and more and crisper textures but that's as far as I'm seeing. But the framerate will be smooth as butter among other things like AI and enemies better streamlined on screen.
akaakaaka  +   986d ago
What I don't understand is why pc gamers get high end card that will never reach their true value or will never be really optimized .. I will get mad, it's a rips of. I know it take years for optimization but there is no enough time to do so because a new card comes out and devs have to move on and never use their real potential or have time to use their creative side.
Any gamer can agree that console let devs time to use new ideas and that is why most consoles games are just more fun. That is also why devs like valve can make good fun games since they optimize old tech and use their creative side(l4d, portal, tf) and this is why crysis is just boring.

That is why nintendo games are just more fun!

Devs next gen should focus on their creative side first make the game fun! And good visuals will come once there is time for it.
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neogeo  +   986d ago
I was pissed after I found out skyrim is a 360 ported to PC. Still only runs dirextX9:(

So with new consoles PC game will also get much better not being held back.
Ezz2013  +   986d ago
skyrim pc mods... my friend
the game look nothing like the crap bugtheseda give us after the Epic pc mods
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akaakaaka  +   986d ago
Well some pc gamers don't Get it, a mod can do better textures. And few lil improvements but thats it.
Next gen will bring that and mutch more in mutch large scale, plus new idea's and better optimization and technology.

Pc gamers should be very exited for next gen more than ever and appreciate console and it developers.

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