5 Series That Will Never Get Old

Leviathyn | There’s lots of long running series out there that will always have die hard fans. But many games start getting old, or aren’t that fun to go back and play. They might just be getting worse, or they might just not be bringing anything new to the table. Luckily we have a couple series that will never get old.

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DaThreats1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Forgot Gran Turismo

Kalowest1924d ago

"5 Series That Will Never Get Old"
This list isn't bad, but they forget
Metal Gear Solid
Almost any Nintendo games
And Shin Megami Tensei

Reverent1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I kind of disagree with "Any Nintendo Series". While I'm always going to love any and all new Zelda games, I think Mario is getting to be too much. I'm not saying they need to stop making Mario games, but they need to at least focus on JUST his primary games. No more Mario Party/Sports spin-off crap.

ape0071924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I see you hate true creative videogames and like scripted cinematic experiences filled with phony shooting mechanics

Riderz13371924d ago

Didn't say I hated it it's just not my thing. Also how could you see that? Are you looking at me right now? Also I wouldn't call minecraft creative. You mine blocks and then use them to build things, the game itself isn't creative it's the users who have the creativity. And whats wrong with scripted cinematic experiences?

WildArmed1924d ago

I got pretty bored of MC pretty fast as well. Not really into 'making my own fun' kind of thing.

More of a grand 'story' type of person, give me a tale larger than life. A reason to dive into another universe. like Dragon Age, or Fable:TLC, or Final Fantasy, Last of us etc etc.

With that said, I really don't like any of the other series on the list as well lol

But I can see why others enjoy and play them.

PrimeLantern1924d ago

Agree with them all except Minecraft. I'm already passed that craze.

j-blaze1924d ago

Souls games
Final Fantasy
Resident Evil
Koei games
and Mario of course xD