The New Last of Us Trailer Shows How Crappy Being A Survivor Can Be

Leviathyn | Cassidee takes a look at the new trailer for The Last of Us released at the VGAs and breaks it down to explain what we can expect from Sony’s apocalyptic thriller.

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ab5olut10n1985d ago ShowReplies(5)
BitbyDeath1985d ago

I think it'd be quite exciting to be a survivor.

Survival of the fittest is how the world should be. We cater too much for the darwins of this world imo.

ab5olut10n1985d ago

doesn't darwinism roughly translate to survival of the fittest?

BitbyDeath1985d ago

Darwins being the result of a society that caters towards the weak/unjust.

Hicken1985d ago

You should at least google stuff before you try using it.

You'd be a far better troll if you did, too... maybe.

Tapioca Cold1985d ago

Yeah, I'd rather have my face chewed off by some infected zonmbie or die from a horrible disease.

Surviving is just terrible./s

miyamoto1985d ago

What a great article!
Thanks for the detailed analysis of the trailer
This is how one dissects a trailer it unlike the geniuses at IGN (just ign ore my rant but you can't spell ignorant without IGN) who just pointed out obviously what they just saw and not what was presented over all. And they have been doing this for a long time.
tsk, tsk
Thank you for a clear minded analysis.

Something tells me this is not your average big budget kill or be killed, mindless run 'n gun stereo typical shooter/action game that has been shoved in our throats for years now ....but...a thinking man's or thinking woman's (that is you of course my lady) survival horror decisive strategy simulator.

Now I am more pumped up to play this game.

What is the name of this site?..... oh 'Leviathyn' and your name is... Cassidee M.
see you in your next analysis :-)

You have humbled this arrogant prick critic XD

arigato gozaimasu
thank you very much (polite form)