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Why Sony shouldn't release the PS4 in 2013

Rumors are floating around that the next Xbox and PlayStation might release in 2013. Many say Sony needs to release their console along with Microsoft to avoid falling behind. Here's why Sony might be better off pushing their launch into 2014. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

KangarooSam  +   901d ago
Because they need to focus on bringing up the Vita.

And I also just got my PS3 and would like to see it have some more support, that may be biased, though :P
Ezz2013  +   901d ago
ps3 will get support for a long time after the ps4 don't worry .. this is sony after all
darthv72  +   900d ago
if you just got your ps3 then you should look at the big back catalog of titles as a sign of support.

i understand people wanting to look forward but if you just recently got into these systems, go back and get some of the best they have to offer and start there.

you wont be disappointed.
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LOGICWINS  +   901d ago
The PS3 will be supported for AT LEAST another 5 years.
Belking  +   901d ago
Yep, but it's because they have too. They can't afford not to.
Ezz2013  +   901d ago
no they don't ...but they will since that what they always do
ps4 will be out and ps3 will still get support for a long time

i wanna ask you
will you be happy if MS dropped xbox360 for the nextxbox ?!
MikeMyers  +   901d ago
Nobody knows how much support the PS3 will get post PS4. You cannot rely on past practices because we are in different times now. For one thing the PS2 dominated the charts for years and was the highest selling console of all time. This generation we had 3 strong players.

As far as Sony having reasons not to come out with the PS4 next year I can think of a few.

1. Put more focus on Vita
2. Still lots of room for the PS3's price to come down
3. We are still seeing great games on it
4. Sony needs to generate revenue with the existing hardware. New hardware might be sold at a loss once again.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   901d ago
***"Yep, but it's because they have too. They can't afford not to."***

I sense a stealth jab here.

What do you mean that "they can't afford not to?" If it's profitable, why would you drop support for it even you could afford to drop it?
Maddens Raiders  +   901d ago
"Why Sony shouldn't release the PS4 in 2013?" -
Simple. Because the PS3 is fantastic atm and has a lot on offer going into the short and midterm.

To the guy below using the logic, that SNE needs to release it [PS4] in concert w/ MS's machine, so they won't be "behind in sales" is like Ferrari saying, "we're going to release a new Italia in 2013 in order to keep pace with Cadillac CTS sales."

This will never happen for many reasons. This is not the mindset of a quality manufacturer who sets out to build the best for their customers to enjoy for many years. You just do it.
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Tapioca Cold   901d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
xflo360  +   900d ago
Truth is theyHAVE to release ps4 in 2013 or they will get left behind again. xbox720 is coming next year so sony have no choice also they cant give nintendo too big a start or nintendo will win before its even started!
UnholyLight  +   900d ago
So because you only just got a current gen console us guys who've had one for 6 years should wait longer? Ooookay then lol
KangarooSam  +   900d ago
Jesus Christ! I said "I may be biased" it was a god damn joke.
jar155  +   901d ago
I agree fully. The Vita needs to get on track in 2013 or it's going to die off. Sony needs to rally the Vita or else they'll be launching one system as another dies a very early death.
5eriously  +   901d ago
I cannot fathom the Vita comment at all. I see the Vita as an extension to the PSx and not as an replacement. Sure the Vita is a console on its own but I for one will buy it to extend my PS3 not to replace it. I just hope that Sony lives up to the promise that the portable devices like Vita, Xperia and other devices will still integrate with the fixed consoles when the PS4 and beyond are released.
R6ex  +   900d ago
Vita is last-gen.

Smartphones are outperforming the Vita.

Sony should learn from Samsung, and release new and more powerful hardware every year. That's why Samsung is beating Apple at its own game.
Riderz1337  +   901d ago
They don't have a choice...They can NOT let Microsoft release the Xbox first again. Look at year on year sales, the PS3 has sold more than Xbox but because Xbox released a year before it's still ahead.
LOGICWINS  +   901d ago
Who cares if the 360s ahead? As long as Sony sells enough hardware to keep delivering on enjoyable exclusive games, it doesn't make a difference.
Riderz1337  +   901d ago
Shareholders see that Sony is in last place. Doesn't look good.
LOGICWINS  +   901d ago
Shareholders care about profit. When Sony eventually makes that profit, they will receive shareholder approval. Sony doesn't NEED to "beat" Microsoft, they just need to do well.
Ducky  +   901d ago
Assuming that both MS and Sony are competing for the same market, if one gets an early start then that is significant.

While there are some that can afford and will buy both systems, the reality is that in a lot of cases consumers will pick one. A sale earned by MS is a sale lost by Sony and vice versa.
The platform that releases early often ends up being purchased by those looking for a new system, which means they're less likely to buy the other new system that gets released a year later.

Neither MS and Sony NEED to beat the other in releasing first, but the one that jumps out of the gate first will likely have more initial success... while the other will likely endure half-hearted ports until it picks up speed and builds a comparable playerbase of its own.
So releasing first is something desirable.
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xflo360  +   900d ago
actually it does matter, look at sonys losses for last year!
Its time for sony to wage war!!
catguykyou  +   901d ago
The year start is not the only reason. Yes it helped, but because of hardware shortages, the first year is never a huge boom in sales for any company. Sonys high price gave them even lower sales the first year - two years of the console being out. That combined with the year head start gave MS the huge lead.
Ezz2013  +   901d ago
ps3 is not in 3rd place any more
ps3-hits-70m-to-go-neck-and-n eck-with-xbox-360
both are tie in 2nd place

i think ps3 by now already passed the xbox360 numbers
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Belking  +   901d ago
Hate to break it to ya but xbox is almost at 73 million. They just sold over 1 million last month alone.
animegamingnerd  +   901d ago
i think sony's top priority is to get the vita on track or else it will be a failure they are already losing a lot of money from their other divisions so releasing a PS4 that is a huge leap and cost at least over 500 dollars spells trouble
Pillsbury1  +   901d ago
Sony does not have to, those that will get a ps4 will get one regardless of when 720 is released. I can see that people are impatient to wait for next gen, I too want to see where Sony will take our gaming to the future.
Hicken  +   901d ago
I don't think they HAVE to, but I don't see any reason why they WOULDN'T. People seem to be under the impression that they can't support their current systems and pour resources into the PS4 at the same time.
Kakashi Hatake  +   901d ago
Funny how the writer thinks the Xbox brand is stronger than Playstation.
ILive  +   901d ago
All Sony needs is a great catalog of games when their system does release and they will be fine. If i have to wait six months to get my hands on a PS4, I will. I am not sure if I will get a 720 unless the online is free.
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landog  +   901d ago
i wish it would have come out this year, or last year even, uncharted 3 would have looked even more amazing in native 1080p with some working anti aliasing at 60 frames, still looked damn good, but man, could have been so much more

both xboxnext and ps4 will be out next year and i think we will hear details, very, very soon!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   901d ago
Well we haven't heard anything on The Last Guardian. And Agent, well I think its safe to assume Agents out the door and a game that never was.

We're still yet to see at least Last Guardian make its debut. I know what some of you all are thnking. "They can move it to the PS4." Bad move, that would require so much more resources and time I rather see the game hit the PS3 sooner than wait for a The Last Guardian PS4 later, much later.

The PS3 still has allot of juice left in it, and still has allot of studios that can provide AAA games for it.

I personally think the PS4 is coming out in spring of 2014 as the earliest.
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ghostrider32  +   901d ago
The sooner the new systems come out the better. This gen been going too long.
mochachino  +   900d ago

Re: Far Cry 3 on consoles

It's still a lot of fun, but the games looks terrible - tearing and juttering everywhere.
R6ex  +   900d ago

I'm so tired of the jaggies, low fps and poor textures of both my current consoles that I've dumped them for PC. Just bought about 50 PC games from Steam's Thanksgiving discount.

I will only get another console game iff PS4 and Xbox 720 shows up. They are 2 years behind time.
black911  +   901d ago
Its too early for next gen! To many amazing games coming out. So sony let microsoft launch first. Wait one more year with one amazing feature that will make people go. Wow and the the the 720 will be the next dreamcast!!!!!
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R6ex  +   900d ago
I remember playing the Mafia 2 demo on both PC and console. I felt so cheated by the low-quality visuals of the console game compared to the PC version.

PS4 can't be late again.
medziarz  +   901d ago
If new consoles launch November 2013, it's going to be the most bizarre and sad launch in video gaming history.

All 3rd party will still be launching an onslaught of AAA titles for PS3 and 360 and basically Sony and Microsoft will be competing with their own products and severely undermining 3rd party software sales (because hardcore gamers that decide to buy $400-$500 PS4/720 won't be buying $60 Ground Zeros and Watch Dogs for PS3/360).
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stage88  +   901d ago
What makes you so sure that Ground Zeros and Watch Dogs won't release on PS4/720?
medziarz  +   900d ago
the fact they've been confirmed as current-gen projects, not next-gen
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stage88  +   900d ago
Well they obviously can't exactly say, these games are for current systems however also for next gen systems when their creators haven't even announced them yet. They could still be coming for the PS4/720. It's good to keep an open mind.
SkullBlade169  +   901d ago
The current consoles look like jokes now. You know something is wrong when phones and tablets have graphics capabilities so close to that of the game consoles...

I wouldn't want to play games on a tablet though, the control method sucks. But still, the fact that they're now so close to consoles graphically just makes the consoles look bad.

We need new ones asap.
SITH  +   900d ago
They better launch it. I don't want to hear, "but teh Xbox launched first n stuff!"
R6ex  +   900d ago
Sony would be dumb to repeat the same mistakes of the PS3 ... 1-year late and difficult-to-develop cell processor. Otherwise, they deserve to be on the decline ... like Blackberry.
mochachino  +   900d ago
At what point do people call it a tie between PS3 and 360.

I think 360 has about 1% more market-share. If PS3 sells 10 000 less will people still say it was in last instead of tied for second with 360? At this point it's pedantic to say that MS beat Sony in consoles sales.

Perhaps people should quote the actual number of working consoles...

PS3 and 360 tied this gen, which is a major win for MS considering the position PS2 and Xbox were in last gen.
PurpHerbison  +   900d ago
Perhaps people should just stop caring about that. What does it really matter? I can't help but find humor when it comes to the current consoles and their fans. How could someone really care about which piece of outdated hardware is doing best if you aren't directly involved with it or a competing company. It's just silly. Play your games.
Deku-Johnny  +   900d ago
It's not really a matter of if they should or not, the fact is they won't.
Tzuno  +   900d ago
Because they need to remain again one year behind in the back of Xbox :)
carlocgc  +   900d ago
with valves new console in the works and the ouya coming in 2013 i see sony and ms holding off till the competition reveal themselves at least :P
GalacticEmpire  +   900d ago
"At last we will reveal ourselves to *Sony/MS*. At last we will have revenge."
lfclee  +   900d ago
I was a xbox fan i hated the sony console until one day i got fed up of all the foul mouthed gamers on xblive so i gave the ps3 a try and fell in love with the console and haven't looked back, though i want to see the ps4 i think it will be awesome.
R6ex  +   900d ago
Same here. My Xbox had mutiple RRODs and was noisy as hell. A year later, when I bought a PS3 (used console), there was no such problem. I can only think of the word "quality".
lfclee  +   895d ago
Yeah I understand clearly your plight.

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