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Submitted by StillGray 1156d ago | news

Next Borderlands 2 DLC Leaked: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Uproxx: "It should come as no surprise to anyone that Gearbox is currently working on additional content for its latest hit title, Borderlands 2. Given that the so-called DLC Season Pass is a promise to provide four additional DLCs to the game, not inclusive of the Mechromancer character, it’s to be expected." (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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CrzyFooL  +   1156d ago
I can dig it!
thorstein  +   1156d ago
Yeah, but a weird thing is this isn't leaked. It is officially announced. It was in game informer, i believe.
Conzul  +   1156d ago
Yeah but people will always use "leaked" now, since it's so much sexier than "announced".

Jinkies  +   1156d ago
You know I can appreciate the DLC and how much they are supporting the game but I'm just not feeling it like I was with the first Borderlands...I don't know, maybe with so many new releases coming out I'm more drawn to them then buying DLC.
nikrel  +   1156d ago
I feel the same, enjoying it but after I beat the main story of both DLC, I haven't felt like completing everything like I did before.
MizTv  +   1155d ago
Il waiting for all the lvl cap to be raised to start all the dlc
I got the season pass and once I'm done with the games I'm playing ill go back
showtimefolks  +   1156d ago
so its just not me than? seriously i finished the game did most of the quests than started the 2nd playthrough and haven't touched it since. i got the season pass so getting all the dlc no matter what but not sure if i will ever play it

borderlands 2 finished and done and since than haven't touched my ps3, maybe i am just burned out.

1st borderlands had the basic structure and dlc improved upon the basic idea, i invested 15-200 hrs into that and borderlands 2 is overall a better game but i can't get into it.

it was my most awaited game of 2012 so maybe i set my expections too high. i hope after being away from borderlands 2 for 3-4 months i can get back into it.

also maybe it was just me but 1st borderlands i came across 5-6 really cool weapons in my first playthrough, but with borderlands 2 i leveled up to 33-34 and didn't come across one weapon which i said now this is it. i am a machine gun kind of player and i feel like no matter which i found it was always missing something.

great damage
great fire rate
very low ammo capacity

low damage
great fire rate
huge ammo clip

i bought borderlands 2 ultimate loot chest edition nd vault hunter edition lol and paid 30 for season pass because gearbox delivered great DLC with 1st borderlands.

i can't figure out what's missing in borderlands 2 but i feel like it doesn't have the IT that first game had.

darksiders 2 lets you choose any rpg level up from any row, so you don't have to invest 5 points into useless ability only to get to the one you actually wanted. i hope with borderlands 3 gearbox let's us pick any ability any time. i mean investing 5 points into 5 additional grenades when you can get those upgrades from crazy earl doesn't make sense

also IMO Hammerlock’s quests were the most boring ones and most about fetch quests than any other character
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Aceman18  +   1156d ago
i'm the opposite i've played through it plenty of times. i have all but zero at lvl 50 he's at 41 now.

i also have a bunch of legendary weapons like

critical conference call (actually have about 4-5 differenct conference call shotguns)
banbury volcano
pacifying pitchfork
the bee shield (which got nerfed today lol)

also have the terramorphous class mod for all my characters.
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Jinkies  +   1156d ago
I'm the same...

As someone has pointed out below it's not made by Gearbox so I wonder if thats why but even then the motivation to go on it isn't there anymore

In the first Borderlands I played it like 4-5 times even got up to 3 playthroughs

However in this one I havent even done a second playthrough, I just stopped after I finished.

Honestly it's weird...the first one was so bare since it was like a new IP yet I played it over and over, yet this one improves on everything and nothing. Maybe it was my character, I never really did like Mayas action skill playing solo compared to Liliths in the firstg Borderlands, it's why I'm hoping shes playable in B3.
showtimefolks  +   1156d ago

that's what so weird the 1st game didn't offer much yet i spent almost 200hrs into it and this one improves everything. maybe going away from it and than coming back may help me get back into the game


while the world was a lot of fun the quests on the other hand were pretty dull. go here grab 44 of these items each or go here and press the button. but there are some memorable moments like when you fight that flying ship

but way too many fetch quests, Tina Tina character is awesome. also in the whole game jack seemed like the killer villain than so easily you can shoot and kill him.

i felt like the payoff wasn't as much for doing some of the very long fetch quests, also sometimes the map didn't help on where you exactly have to go and or sometimes the character that i am suppose to kill didn't leave behind something i was suppose to get after killing him

now before someone says i am hating on the game which i am not, i bought 2 limited editions. i just felt like the story could have used better quests. also some better loot would have helped too
vallencer  +   1156d ago
For me I think it's because the weapons don't seem to randomly drop like the first game. A lot of the legendary weapons and things drop from killing bosses over and over and over again. That was fun when diablo 2 was out but I don't find that quite as fun anymore. I have played for like 3 days total and found idk like 5 legendary items and its kind of a bummer. And as you said I just can't find that one gun. Overall though the games amazing and I love it.
showtimefolks  +   1156d ago

also the game gives you so much money yet you really don't need it to get anything from a vending machine. almost all of the good stuff is through loot.

also what you said about beating bosses for like 10 times just to get one good weapon which may not be as good

overall the game is fun but after playing through it now i see the flaws, i thought maybe it was just me but how could it be that a lot of us actually like the 1st game when all that was a open playground with a lot of guns
Qrphe  +   1156d ago
Same, I've gotten burned out through BL. Even though I enjoyed them at one point, I've come to realize most of the quests were fetchquests.
geth1gh  +   1156d ago
Ditto man. I don't know what it is but I loved the game then took a break after getting up to 40 or so.

Just haven't had the desire to come back to it with everything else I have been playing.
WildArmed  +   1156d ago
Likewise. I love the game, and enjoy playing co-op with it.

But i rarely look forward to the loot, my biggest complaint I guess.. the drop rate is horrible.. and it's never worth opening boxes anymore.

The two reasons why I love BL1 didn't exactly come through. Still love the game thou.

Kinda gets boring farming terramorph after awhile too, i like it much better when you got ur purps/oranges while playing the game.. not a river of whites lol
Jinkies  +   1156d ago
For me they need to have some unique ultra rare weapons in the game which level up with you, ones which really are one of a kind. Like theres a rare unique weapon for all guns, for example, a one for a Maliwan SMG Shock, a Maliwan SMG Corrosive, a Maliwan SMG Incendiary or a Hyperion SMG, Hyperion get the point. It's just so everyone has there favorite gun and manufactuer to hunt for.


They have to be solid to acquire if your not a high level. For example, lets say you want to get one of these weapons at the start of the game so you can go through the beginging of the game in a breeze, the hunt/mission to get YOUR gun has to be near to impossible odds but still do-able, hopefully some form of stealth will come into the gameplay at one point. If your level 40 for example getting these weapons will be no problem, however by then you would have completed the game and the guns wouldn't really be of use to you, just to show off to your friends.

With these types of guns at least then they add can differnt customizations for them so people can make them unique to them so everyones don't look the same. You can change the weapon parts or the skin

Thats what I would do anyway on the gun problem, it's the reason I love the Fallout 3 unqiue weaopons, tough to get at the start of the game but well worth the challenge.
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vickers500  +   1156d ago
The main campaign of BL2 is better than the first Borderlands in every way (BL1 was my favorite game this gen, now BL2 is, just to put things in perspective).

I think I've played WAY more BL2 than I have BL1, or at least I think I have. I only ever played Lilith in BL1 because the rest of the characters playstyles were bland and boring to me. With BL2, I've fully leveled up Maya, Zero, Salvador, and I've gotten the Mechromancer to level 41 (leveled up Axton to 23 before I used the fleshstick exploit to get him to 50, which I kind of regret). 6 playthroughs, as opposed to Borderlands 1 where all I did was about 2 and a half.

The drop rate is kind of terrible though, however I have friends who have given me a ton of rare loot, I've gotten at least 75% of the legendary gear available through duplication, so lack of weaponry really hasn't hampered my experience with the game.

I have been burnt out on it though, not because the game lacks quality in ANY way though, because it's definitely the best game this year and better than like 99% of everything out there, but I've just played it SOOO much in such a short period of time. I've barely started Torgues Campaign of Carnage. I think I'll start heavily playing it again once I've gotten around to buying and playing a few other new releases (halo 4, black ops 2, far cry 3 are ones I'm really wanting to try now), but Borderlands 2 has been some of the best time I've had with video games in a LONG time.
bigrook  +   1156d ago
I would complete everything.
Mathew9R   1156d ago | Spam
NoobJobz  +   1156d ago
Are we going to hunt for more Bonerfarts?
iosdhifw   1156d ago | Spam
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1156d ago
Give me a tiny tina DLC with all new legendary guns to farm level 61 cap,more trohpies,skins(idk if they gave new skins in the last 2 dlc's)and new vehicles(an atv with a front machine gun should do it) i will be happy to even pay $15 for that...but the last dlc was just...idk kinda disappointing
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1156d ago
But i like hammerlock :3 some people hate im but i think he's cool, ill buy this for sure..i just hope there is at least a level increase.
Norrison  +   1156d ago
They should increase level cap to 100 at least! Halfway through playthrough 2 I hit lvl 60.
I love Hammerlock! Even if he was an underdeveloped character.
Excalibur  +   1156d ago
Ughh, IMO Hammerlock’s quests were some of the most boring in the main game, so now we are going to get more? Ughh and double ughh.
Blacklash93  +   1156d ago
Why not blame the quest design the developers chose instead of the character? It's not like his invovement inherently means we'll get even more of the kinds of quests he gave out by any means. They're two seperate things.

Anyway, I personally liked his missions. The Bullymong one was hilarious. If you hate fetch-quests with a burning passion I have to wonder how you can enjoy Borderlands to begin with.
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Excalibur  +   1156d ago
way to over read what I wrote, where in my post did I say I hated fetch missions..with a burning passion...?

His missions where primarily bullymong related, it sounds like more of the same, how hard is it to use a bit of imagination and come up with something a bit different like they did with BL?
Blacklash93  +   1156d ago
Sorry, I assumed it was the fetch-stuff Borderlands does most of the time. I never noticed or cared about the Bullymong stuff as it was rarely out of my way to accomplish. His quests with bullymongs in the first parts of the game are where they're pretty much the only animal you can fight. When the game opens up more his quests move to dealing with other animals.

Anyway it's just a rather extreme assumption that this DLC will be exactly like his quests in the main game because he's the star character. We're talking about a small questline versus an entire DLC. I mean let's be realistic here. I'm sure it'll be just like the other DLCs, but with more of a wildlife theme.
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Roccetarius  +   1156d ago
I have to admit, Borderlands 2 has some of the most uninspired DLC compared to the first. I guess that's what happens when you outsource the development.

Oh well, i hope it gets on sale soon.
Themba76  +   1156d ago
taking a break from the game does help i took a very long break from the game just recently came back to it and it's alot of fun having a blast playing the pirate dlc and thats suppose to be the most boring one.
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redgr81  +   1156d ago
Sir Hammerlock is a boring character why is he headling a dlc? A cool dlc would be that Mike kid that died of cancer or whatever that'd be cool. A dlc for a fan and to the fans. Or do the original vaults hunters brick, mordy, etc that'd be pretty cool.

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